Instantly reach the 135 million+ active shoppers looking to buy parts on eBay Motors.

Why Sell Auto Parts on eBay?

Reach More Parts and Accessories Buyers

Last year, our dealers sold over $42 million in auto parts and accessories on eBay. Getting online lets you expand your reach far beyond your local market, so boosting your absorption rate is easier than ever.

Move Obsolete Parts

eBay Motors is where shoppers go to find specific or unusual parts, making it the go-to place for clearing obsolete inventory. Our negotiated discounts and perks make selling on eBay straightforward, fast, and profitable.

Sell Parts Quickly at Volume

Three car or truck parts are sold every second on eBay Motors. An engine or engine component is sold every 10 seconds. Your parts department can only access this demand with an eBay seller account.


Why Sell on eBay with RevolutionParts?

Simplified Inventory Management

No need to jump between different websites to manage your sales. Through your central RevolutionParts dashboard, you can:

Repair Facilities Bulk-Upload Inventory

Used Car Create Customized Listings

Local Dealers Creating Shipping Labels

Local Dealers Manage All Sales Activity

Local Dealers View Built-In Reports and Insights

Generate Higher Profits

Total Cost

Free eBay Anchor Store Tier

RevolutionParts grants you access to eBay’s top store subscription at no additional cost. You’ll receive valuable benefits like free promoted listings, which get you in front of more buyers.

Advanced Routing

Reduced Costs

With RevolutionParts, you can generate thousands of parts listings on eBay Motors without paying any listing fees.


Fitment Charts

The RevolutionParts bulk uploading tool helps you quickly add detailed compatibility information for every part reducing the number of listings you need to create.


Improve Customer Experience

By managing all activity through RevolutionParts platform, you can provide better customer service and more easily respond to customer inquiries.

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