Parts Manufacturers Plans

High-octane solutions built to meet your unique business needs and help you drive strong growth – say goodbye to modular software that requires additional fees, connections, and integrations. 

  • Essential

    Grow your wholesale aftermarket parts business.


    • • Company Website
    • • RP Platform
    • • ACES/PIES Catalog Ingestion
    • • Marketplace Integrations
    • • Order Management
    • • Selling Tools
    • • RP Shipping
    • • Inventory Management
    • • Access to RP Network
    • • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Advanced

    Build a thriving direct-to-consumer aftermarket parts business.


    All the features of Essential, and:

    • • RP Network Settings
    • • Unlimited Warehouses
    • • Advanced Order Routing
  • Enterprise

    Scalable solution to support high-volume aftermarket sales.


    All the features of Essential & Advanced, Plus:

    • • The ability to fully customize our product and services to meet your enterprise needs


Custom Web Development
Marketing Agency Services
Catalog/Data Enrichment
Marketplace Tax Comply

Find the Plan That’s Right For Your Business




eCommerce Tools

Company Website

RP Platform

BYOC Catalog Ingestion (ACES/PIES)

Marketplace Integrations

Access to RP Network

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Advanced Order Routing

Product Customization

Order Management

Fraud Prevention

Quoting Tool

Customer Communications

Payment Integrations

RP Shipping

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Protection

Local Delivery

Selling Tools

Wholesale Tools


Embedded Reviews

Buyer Financing

Inventory Management

Real Time Inventory FTP

Pricing Rules

Category Management

Central Warehouse

Channel Level Policies

Vehicle Fitment

RP Network Settings

Unlimited Warehouses


Custom Web Development

Marketing Agency Services

Catalog/Data Enrichment

Marketplace Tax Comply

Additional Stores

Cat Security Reaches Over $3 Million in Annual Sales with RevolutionParts

Cat Security became one of the country's fastest-growing specialty aftermarket auto parts sellers. Today, they're generating close to $3.5 million in total sales with RevolutionParts. How did they do it?

$3.5 Million


$1.7 Million





  • Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

    We recommend starting with the plan that most aligns with your goals. We will happily migrate you to the next plan as you meet those goals and are ready to grow.

  • Does RevolutionParts include marketing services to promote my Website?

    Currently, we offer marketing services to customers for an additional cost. This service is considered an “Add-on” to your plan.

  • What is a "channel"?

    A channel is a digital location where you can sell parts online, such as your company website, Amazon, or eBay Motors. With RevolutionParts, all your orders will be consolidated in the same RevolutionParts dashboard regardless of where they were sold. Typically, your company website is where you have the most control over how you sell and where you will be able to maintain the most control of your brand and data. Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are considered secondary channels and have a pre-existing customer base but have certain restrictions and limitations.

  • Can I sell on eBay with any of the plans? What about Amazon?

    Yes, you can sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with all three of our specialty aftermarket plans.

  • Are there any setup fees?

    A one-time setup fee is charged for the implementation of services to help you start successfully selling on the RevolutionParts platform. You will receive personalized training sessions, and we will work with you to set up your accounts. Setup fees vary. Speak with our eCommerce specialists to get a custom quote.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    All of our plans have a minimum 1-year contract term. Setting up your eCommerce business should be viewed as a long-term strategy, so signing a contract makes sense for most who are serious about building up their parts business.

  • I have more questions. Who do I ask?

    Please email any questions to or click the button below.

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