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Sell Parts Like a Girl: Toyota Parts Employee Crushes Goals by Selling Parts Online

In the male-dominated automotive industry, one remarkable person has been shifting gears in the parts eCommerce market. Ryanne Brashear, an ambitious parts employee at Ed Martin Toyota of Noblesville, IN, has been setting new standards for dealership parts revenue. With a tireless drive for improvement and a lifelong passion for automotive, Ryanne has been a leader in revolutionizing how OEM parts are sold.

Raised in Anderson, IN, Ryanne’s passion for cars ignited at an early age. “I grew up around cars,” she recalls, “My dad owned a garage. My uncle owned a garage.” It was this first-hand exposure to the industry that set the stage for a successful career. When she joined Ed Martin Toyota almost seven years ago as a driver, this was just the beginning of Ryanne’s journey. She worked her way up to parts employee, and now Ryanne is crushing online parts sales with RevolutionParts.

“We saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience and cater to the changing preferences of our customers,” Ryanne explained. “By getting our parts online, we’re providing new shoppers with the convenience they expect.”

“We saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience and cater to the changing preferences of our customers,” Ryanne explained. “By getting our parts online, we’re providing new shoppers with the convenience they expect.”

Expanding Reach Through Online Sales

Before Ryanne brought Ed Martin Toyota’s parts department online, her main goal was to expand its already impressive reach. “Our dealership didn’t really have any difficulties,” Ryanne said. “We just wanted more outlets to sell parts and getting online was the natural next step.” This strategic move would allow Ryanne to tap into a nationwide audience of parts shoppers. “That’s how we got started with RevolutionParts,” Ryanne recalled. “RevolutionParts helped us open up our main web store and then eBay,” Ryanne noted.

The simplicity of online transactions helped attract more customers. “It was just easier doing it that way so they could look online,” she said. In her own words, “We were looking into selling online, and RevolutionParts helped us reach out to more people. We’re able to give parts shoppers a good experience, and hopefully, next time, we’re their first choice.”

Early Triumphs in Online Sales

Within a few short months of selling online, Ryanne began seeing incredible success. “We haven’t been on very long,” Ryanne explained, “but it’s really working.” She instantly strengthened her online presence by combining a customer-first mentality with expert knowledge across her parts department.

One key factor contributing to her early wins is her team’s extensive experience. “Our team is very knowledgeable,” Ryanne shared. Their depth of expertise with next-level management helped the parts business establish a reliable reputation online. “Our GM runs a YouTube channel that reaches people all over the country. Selling online has helped us turn that into a sales channel,” Ryanne noted. “We do a lot of builds, so that brings in a lot of traffic to our parts web store.”

As Ryanne expanded the parts department’s online presence, she realized there were some great opportunities to clear out older inventory and reach previously untapped markets.

“We use eBay to post everything that we have in stock, including our obsolete [parts],” Ryanne explained. “Within the first month or two a lot of parts that had been sitting were sold. Even though they were small sales, there were a lot of parts that had been taking up space.”

Growing Online Sales with Customer-Centric Strategies

Ryanne’s approach to online success is customer-centric, prioritizing long-term relationships over quick sales. “We would rather customers come back,” Ryanne said, detailing her approach to providing helpful resources even if it means directing customers to other dealerships. “Hopefully, next time, we’re their first choice.” This dedication to building trust sets them apart from competitors, nurturing a loyal customer base that appreciates the genuine care and effort put forth by Ryanne and her team.

Ryanne and her team treat each customer interaction with patience and empathy, something she points to as a specific strength of being a woman in the parts department. “Even if you’re frustrated, the customer doesn’t deserve to feel that,” she advised. “Be normal to them. Be kind to them.” This compassionate approach has led to meaningful interactions that make customers feel valued and heard, which helps Ed Martin Toyota stand out.

Ryanne’s parts department uses RevolutionParts to manage multiple online storefronts, giving them a broader reach and greater flexibility in pricing. Finding the right pricing strategy has been crucial to their competitiveness. “We went up and down with the pricing and everything, trying to figure that out,” Ryanne explained. She frequently collaborates with her manager to adjust their pricing based on market trends and customer demand. “This last meeting, we changed it a little bit,” she shared, noting that these adjustments have helped them remain competitive.

Ryanne emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between being competitive and profitable. “We found what works, but if we want to be more competitive… hopefully [customers] will fall in love with us and just keep coming back,” she said. They are constantly testing and refining their approach to ensure the pricing remains appealing without sacrificing profitability. This flexible pricing strategy, combined with their broad online reach, has allowed Ed Martin Toyota to tap into new markets while efficiently managing their aging inventory.

Female Empowerment in the Parts Department

Navigating a male-dominated field like automotive parts sales hasn’t been without its challenges, but Ryanne has thrived at Ed Martin Toyota by cultivating a supportive environment and demonstrating unwavering dedication. “I’ve been told [by outsiders] that women shouldn’t be in this field,” she recalled, reflecting on the stereotypical attitudes she’s encountered. However, Ryanne’s expertise, passion, and curiosity have empowered her to break through these barriers and win the respect of her colleagues and customers alike. “My team has backed me 100%,” she said. “And I’m not scared to ask—I want to learn.”

Ryanne recognizes how gender dynamics impact customer interactions, especially when women reach out for support. She often sees the positive influence of a female presence in the parts department. 

“There’s even ladies that have come in,” she said, “and I’ve taught them how to change their wiper inserts or change their key FOB battery because surprisingly, most women have never been taught something so simple and they haven’t asked because of the fear of looking stupid and or being judged. Being a female, I always ask if they know how to and/ or would like me to teach them so they can feel comfortable and know it’s okay to ask if they would actually like to learn.”

She’s not only developed her own career but also actively trained a new generation of women. Nyia, a young woman she’s mentoring, has quickly learned about parts management while helping with important tasks that support the online business, like photographing parts and organizing inventory.

Ryanne’s Goals for the Future

Ryanne hopes to strengthen the department’s ability to serve a growing base of customers by honing their approach to pricing and inventory management while fostering customer loyalty. She also plans to leverage her team’s expertise and RevolutionParts’ easy-to-use tools to expand her parts business into new markets. 

Ryanne emphasizes the importance of ongoing improvement through knowledge sharing and mentorship. She wants to empower her team by investing in their professional growth. By fostering a supportive environment that prioritizes learning, she aims to help the department adapt to the changing industry while continuing to build trust with their customers.

Ultimately, Ryanne’s vision is to refine the online sales platform and build a dynamic, customer-focused strategy that positions Ed Martin Toyota as a leader in the automotive parts industry. With her clear dedication to continuous improvement and RevolutionParts powerful online selling tools, the dealership is poised for continued growth and success.

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