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Lessons from a Parts Manager Winning Big in Online Sales

COVID-19 has rung in a new world for car dealerships across the U.S. that’s here to stay. New vehicle profit margins are tight, consumers are opting to keep their vehicles longer, manufacturers are still recovering from kinks in the supply chains, and online shopping has all but taken over completely. While these trends have put a squeeze on variable ops, they have opened the door for parts managers like Nick Amoratis of Curran Volkswagen to make a big impact in online parts sales.

Nick spearheaded the successful launch of Curran Volkswagen’s online auto parts sales program in response to the rapid increase of digital shopping trends and a strained new car sales market. Recognizing the potential for parts eCommerce to expand customer reach and enhance service, Nick created a digital storefront for his parts department. This is an insider’s look at his success selling online, including challenges and strategies for thriving in the rapidly changing automotive industry.

Early Success with Selling Parts Online

Before launching his online parts store, Nick felt limited by his local customer base and wanted to expand his geographical boundaries. He noted the shift towards digital shopping and decided it was time to adapt: “We only had our local reach and word-of-mouth, which is good, but having that whole online presence lets us sell to a much larger customer base across the entire country.”

The strategic move to sell online allowed Nick to increase his volume, boost his profitable revenue, and, in turn, armor the dealership against the constant threat of market fluctuations. Nick highlighted how the convenience of online shopping helps him meet modern consumer expectations. 

“Now we provide a seamless and efficient shopping experience for our customers, allowing them to easily find and purchase the parts they need from the comfort of their homes.”

This expanded reach brought substantial benefits. As Nick pointed out, “Having the online presence definitely expands everything and allows us to be able to sell more parts.” Curran Volkswagen is empowered to offer a much wider selection of OEM parts, making it a one-stop shop with the promise of next-level customer service. Nick is diligent in differentiating himself from competitors with detailed product listings and high-quality images.

Curran Volkswagen’s Online Parts Sales Snapshot


Annual Revenue


30-Day Rolling


Year-to-Date Revenue


Average Order Value

Nick’s Competitive Edge in the Online Parts Market

Nick brings a strategic mindset to online parts sales, which has propelled him into early success with his RevolutionParts storefront. By balancing customer service with profit-centric pricing and digital marketing, Nick strikes the perfect volume of parts sales.

“We were trying to sell more parts and RevolutionParts helped us do that profitably and with competitive pricing. We make sure to promote the products to help drive that success,” said Nick.

Detailed product listings and high-quality images

Online shoppers cannot examine products physically, so Nick has prioritized detailed product listings and high-quality images. And with RevolutionParts’ year, make, model, and trim level search navigation, shoppers can rest assured they’re buying the right parts for their vehicle. As Nick stated, “making sure that everything is visible for the customer is really important to us. If the shopper feels more confident that they’re buying the right part, they’re a lot more likely to convert into a sale.”

Maximizing OEM Parts Sales on eBay

About a year into selling parts with RevolutionParts, Nick has found his bread and butter in eBay sales. He emphasizes the importance of meticulous listings, “with eBay, it’s all about being really on top of it. Especially with eBay, we make sure to have competitive pricing and really detailed listings with high-res photos.” This hands-on management has empowered Nick to optimize his parts store and convert shoppers into buyers. eBay, in addition to his very own branded auto parts web store and a dedicated parts team, has allowed Nick to increase Curran Volkswagen’s monthly online sales significantly.

The Power of a Road-Tested Online Parts Revenue Tool

RevolutionParts has been a great solution in Nick’s online parts sales strategy. This platform is specifically designed for automotive dealerships and is packed with features that streamline the selling process and enhance the customer shopping experience.

“Since implementing RevolutionParts, our online parts sales have become so efficient,” Nick said.

He appreciates the platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful revenue tools, which make for easy listings, profit tracking, and order management. RevolutionParts takes care of the techy stuff so Nick can focus on what’s important: receiving orders and shipping parts!

A Solution for Obsolete Parts

One universal challenge of all parts departments is clearing aging and obsolete parts without having to mark them down to pennies on the dollar. No matter what, obsolete parts have a habit of accumulating, taking up valuable shelf space, and tying up capital. Nick has been able to solve this problem by selling online. It’s as simple as listing the parts on eBay for a global audience. This approach moves his unwanted inventory and creates value from otherwise difficult items to sell.

Looking to the Future

As Curran Volkswagen continues to grow its online presence, Nick is optimistic about expanding the dealership’s product offerings and enhancing the functionality of the digital storefront to serve his growing customer base better. Nick emphasized the ongoing adjustments he plans to make: “I’m looking forward to seeing how big our RevolutionParts store will grow since our eBay store has been so successful. I’m also curious to see what Amazon has to offer.”

Nick’s strategic approach to selling online has uncovered a new pathway to Curran Volkswagen’s overall growth. In a short time, he’s been able to expand market reach, level up customer service, and drive more revenue with the RevolutionParts platform. Forward-thinking parts managers like Nick understand the importance of adapting their sales tactics for the new wave of digital shoppers. As he and Curran Volkswagen look towards the future, they’ll always have RevolutionParts as a trusted partner in driving online parts revenue.

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