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Driving Success: How Larry Roesch CJDR Accelerated Parts Sales with RevolutionParts

Karla Elms, the parts manager at Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CJDR), dreamed of expanding the dealership’s reach through online sales. She closely followed industry changes, especially the rise in online parts and accessories shopping. Determined to capitalize on this trend, she transitioned her dealership from traditional sales to eCommerce.

The challenge was to sell parts while maintaining high service standards and reaching customers beyond their geographical area.

Karla found a solution through RevolutionParts, referred by a successful industry professional. “I knew it was time to adapt and move forward. RevolutionParts seemed like the perfect partner to help us do just that,” Karla explained. This decision brought rapid success to Karla’s parts department, setting them up for a bright year.

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Partnering with RevolutionParts to Sell Parts Online

Joining RevolutionParts and creating an online parts business was simple for Karla and her team. “Getting set up with RevolutionParts was easy, almost like plug-and-play,” Karla recalled. “The platform was user-friendly, and we could train before going live.”

Karla adopted the RevolutionParts platform to sell online and utilized their marketing services. These services provided expert marketing for OEM parts and high-return campaigns without the burden of traditional marketing tasks.


“With RP Marketing Services, I get to offload all the traditional marketing tasks and focus on what I was hired to do: sell parts and keep a clean inventory.”

Additionally, the dedicated marketing specialists (DMSs) keep a close eye on your success and manage your account, ensuring that every campaign is optimized for maximum return on ad spend (ROAS), which, for Karla, is 10X.


Impressive Growth with RevolutionParts

Since implementing RevolutionParts and using RP Marketing Services, Larry Roesch CJDR’s parts department has seen significant growth. From December 2023 to April 2024, online sales increased by 1027%, showcasing the effectiveness of RP Marketing Services’ strategies and the dealership’s dedication.

Their order count nearly quintupled, rising from 36 in December to 177 in April. The average order value also increased from $136 in December to nearly $313 in April, reflecting enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.


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Reaching More Customers Nationwide and Locally

This growth has helped Karla reach more customers nationwide and drive more local sales. “I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s clear now. We’ve started seeing locals who had never visited our business before. Some have even come back a few times. I’d like them to order online because it’s more convenient, and they actually pay less than at the counter, which is great for them.”

Managing new online sales alongside traditional operations was challenging but rewarding. “It’s a challenge, but it’s rewarding. We’re busier but also reaching customers we never could before,” Karla shared. The dealership also adapted to new customer service expectations influenced by quick delivery standards set by companies like Amazon. “We’ve had to adjust, but it’s all for the better. We meet our customers’ expectations much more now,” Karla added.

Karla also highlights the opportunities a platform like RevolutionParts opens up for her team. With the added online experience, they can move up and take on roles that make a real difference in the company.


“Why go with RevolutionParts? It’s really simple. Since we started using their platform, we’ve seen our revenue go up a lot. But it’s not just about making more sales—it’s also about giving our team the chance to do more than just warehouse or driver jobs.”

The Future is Paved with Success for Larry Roesch CDJR

Looking ahead, Karla is setting new goals to enhance their online presence. “We are ramping up our efforts to visually connect with our customers by introducing a dedicated photo area within our dealership. This new setup will feature a professionally designed backdrop that prominently displays our dealership’s name and website, creating a visual link between our online and physical presence,” Karla explained.

This initiative aims to create a more cohesive and immersive online shopping experience, making customers feel more connected to their brand. By enhancing the visual presentation of their parts online, they aim to attract and engage more customers. This strategic approach expands sales and strengthens brand identity and online customer engagement.

For other dealerships considering a similar transformation, Karla’s experience at Larry Roesch CJDR demonstrates the potential benefits of embracing online sales channels.


“RevolutionParts is a great choice if you want to increase your sales and give your team better opportunities.”

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