Earnhardt Toyota sees massive success by switching to RevolutionParts after subpar sales performance with SimplePart. Parts Manager Jay Rankin enjoys rising profits and streamlined selling tools.

“RevolutionParts is the best platform to sell auto parts online. Hands down, no one else compares. It has changed the way we run our parts business by streamlining the internet selling process.”

— Jay Rankin, Parts Manager at Earnhardt Toyota

Jay Rankin, Parts Manager at Earnhardt Toyota is a master at keeping the selling machine running. As a valuable asset at Earnhardt Toyota for over 12 years, selling parts online for 10 of those, Jay knows the impact of a strong online presence for the parts department.

Before achieving massive success with RevolutionParts, Jay and Earnhardt Toyota had partnered with SimplePart. They were motivated to launch the parts department into the 21st century and start reaching customers beyond the parts counter. They knew the demand was out there and it wasn’t going to come to them—they had to go out and get it.

The excitement to start selling online was met with disappointment. Sales performance in the first year with SimplePart was less than stellar and it didn’t take long until Jay ran into some issues with the platform.

“SimplePart didn’t do enough to keep us motivated to stay with them,” Jay explains. “We gave them a full year, and only towards the end did they start doing additional promotions.”

At the one year mark, Jay and his team members began searching for a better selling solution. That’s when he discovered RevolutionParts. “It just made sense for us at that point, because you could host eBay and Amazon stores all in one easy-to-use platform.” He elaborates, “We love that we can see all orders in one organized view… it’s much more convenient and streamlined [than SimplePart].”

Apart from being able to handle all of the order processing from one convenient location, Jay says his favorite part about RevolutionParts is the customer service.

“When we got feedback from SimplePart customer service, they would say ‘We’re working on it’ without giving a timeline, or ‘We know of the problem’ without a fix. They didn’t seem to be on the ball.” Jay says. “With RevolutionParts it’s been a 360-degree difference.” Jay adds, “the level of customer support is way above the rest.”.

With an intuitive platform, vigilant customer service, and easy-to-use selling tools, Jay and his team have been able to see profits increase and costs decrease without extra work.

“RevolutionParts is the best platform to sell auto parts online. Hands down, no one else compares,” Jay concludes. “It has changed the way we run our parts business by streamlining the internet selling process.”

Do you want to run your online parts department more efficiently and profitably like Jay Rankin? Request a demo with RevolutionParts to get a firsthand look at the time-saving tools and profit potential that the platform brings.

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Updated February, 2019

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Before RevolutionParts we couldn’t trust the catalog. Now we can just breeze through the orders and not have to stop and check each one to make sure the customers ordered the right thing. Their part number accuracy is 99.9% and that saves us a lot of time.

Steve Kaufmann

Parts Manager, Conicelli Toyota

Revolution just keeps moving forward. I like the advancement; that’s what I always look for. I want to see improvement over the years. I don’t want to work on the same platform that I had 3 years ago.           

Jason Brydon

IT & Web Development, Wagner Motors

I’ve had a surprisingly high number of repeat sales from the same customers. I didn’t think we’d build this much customer loyalty so quickly after launching our RevolutionParts site, but we have.             

Al Confreda

Parts Manager, Nissan Village

Revolution has absolutely saved us time selling online, Buyers experience an extremely user-friendly interface, removing us from having to walk them through the process and from the easy navigation of the management side of the system.

Allan Boxerman

eCommerce Manager, Infiniti of Gwinnett

We looked at a couple other options, but none were what we were looking for, with RevolutionParts, everything we saw looked straightforward and very clean. The pricing wasn’t outrageous either.

Brian Sheppard

Parts Manager, Kia Country of Savannah

Every time I call, someone answers and gets everything resolved very, very quickly. I’ve never been left out in the dark. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. I’ve been down that road. If you’re going to do it, go with RevolutionParts.

Michael Zook

Internet Parts Manager, Acura Overland Park

It was very simple to walk through the back end and set everything up . . . You just plug it in and it’s running. It’s really turnkey, If there were any bumps in setting up or managing the eBay store, help was only a phone call away, the customer service has been excellent

Mike Reese

Digital Marketing Manager, Haselwood Auto Group

It’s refreshing compared to what we were dealing with. Quite honestly, it was almost an instant money-maker. As far as turning the switch on to our first few orders, it’s been seamless.

Gary Osborne

Internet Parts Manager, Sunnyside Toyota

Calculate the financial return on your Revolutionparts online store

Calculate the financial return on your Revolutionparts online store

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