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Crest Volvo

Nick Mendoza Of Crest Volvo Saves $4k/month By Using Local Delivery

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“With Local Delivery, we can get a part from another dealer just 30 minutes away and bring it back as soon as possible.”

Nick Mendoza, Parts Manager at Crest Volvo

Curry Acura

Noel Priore, Parts Manager at Curry Acura adds $15K a month in gross profit by selling online.

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“We don’t just sit back and wait for the sale… We try to grab it.”

— Noel Priore, Parts Manager at Curry Acura

Patrick Motors

Matt Patrick of Patrick Motors builds online part sales revenue to $151K a month using RevolutionParts.

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“When we first started out, we would get excited about 10 orders in one day. Then we got to 20 in one day and then we got to $50K in monthly revenue, then $100K, now $150K.”

Matt Patrick, Owner of Express Parts web store of Patrick Motors

Gateway Buick GMC

Craig Shield, Parts Manager of Gateway Buick GMC started selling online after an unlikely stock order mistake.

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“So many Revolution partners are just killing it, and we’re starting to get there, my goal is to get the Parts Department to stand alone and not rely on service or sales to make our dealership profitable.”

— Craig Shield, Parts Manager of Gateway Buick GMC

Mazda NY

Michael Renaud, Vice President of Leader in Cars Auto Group, grows Mazda NY part sales with eCommerce.

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“We live in a world of algorithms now. You have to get involved. You have to get into that stream. If you’re not into that stream, you’re not going to succeed.”

— Michael Renaud, VP of Leader In Cars Auto Group

Honda Superstore Of Lisle

As eCommerce has become more competitive, people like Katherine Akre will be the ones who stand on top of the parts-selling world.

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“Customers will say, ‘is there anyone else I can talk to?’ when they see me… and I’ll look them right back and say no, I’m perfectly competent, and you can talk to me.”

— Katherine Akre, Parts eCommerce Specialist of Honda Superstore of Lisle

Germain BMW of Naples

Create a new revenue channel in the Parts Department and break sales records by launching an online parts & accessories store.

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“Other BMW Dealerships were using the RevolutionParts platform. Their websites looked great and organized and parts were easy to find, So we went with RevolutionParts.”

— David Simoes, Parts eCommerce Manager at Germain BMW of Naples

Longo Toyota

Selling auto parts online enables Dealerships to modernize the buying experience and increase part sales.

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 “We are able to sell to other markets and capture business in other parts of the country… we have opened the dealership to new revenue opportunities by adding an online platform.”

— Gerardo Ayala, Retail Parts Supervisor at Longo Toyota

Autohaus Parts Delivered

 Dan Pelissero of Autohaus Parts Delivered adapts his parts department to meet the needs of modern shoppers

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 “You have to be open-minded and willing to try new things outside of counter selling… selling online is a different animal and that’s where the business is.”

Dan Pelissero, Parts Manager of Autohaus Parts Delivered

Sunrise Ford

Sean Crawford, Parts Manager at Sunrise Ford, masters parts pricing to add $50k a month to the dealership

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“My biggest motivations are doing a good job for my owner and making sure my guys in the department are taken care of… RevolutionParts makes everyone’s life easier.”

Sean Crawford, Parts Manager at Sunrise Ford

Classic Chevrolet Sugarland

Joey Marfin, Parts Business Development Manager of CCS, is on track to blow past sales goals in his first year of selling parts online.

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“I think the neatest part of it was the marketing. We let RevolutionParts’ marketing team run with it and that has the biggest difference. Our business probably grew 75% due to that — if not more. It really boosted sales.”

— Joey Marfin, Parts Business Development Manager of Classic Chevrolet Sugarland


As one of eBay’s Platinum Power Sellers, Christopher Hagen knows how to move parts online. He’d spent years learning the ins-and-outs of the automotive industry as a GM Master Technician, before moving over to a successful career in ecommerce.

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“Revolution Parts not only has provided me with the tools to design and sell…[they’ve] more importantly allowed me to assemble a diverse team that can all work together, following a simple process,”

— Chris Hagen, Parts Director and E-Commerce Specialist at Patriot

Jaguar Land Rover Fort Myers

Jim McRae, Parts Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Fort Myers, has increased monthly revenue in the Parts Department by $25-30k with the help of RevolutionParts.

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“Our initial goal was to increase our income stream by $5000 a month.  We now see 5 to 6 times that every month and it grows every day!”

— Jim McRae, Parts Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Fort Myers

Beaverton Infiniti

Paul Pointer, Parts Manager of Beaverton Infiniti, builds a competitive Parts Department by shipping parts nationwide.

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“We’re able to stay competitive and stay busy during our slow times here at the dealership thanks to bringing our parts business online.”

— Paul Pointer, Parts Manager of Beaverton Infiniti

San Diego CDJR

Jose Barron, Parts Manager of San Diego CDJR Becomes Invincible by Selling Parts & Accessories Online

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“We do a lot of tires, a lot of parts, we have a wholesale division, and even a service department. So, the bigger the discount we can get from Chrysler, more to the bottom line.”

— Jose Barron Parts Manager for San Diego Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Bud Brown Volkswagen

RJ Irwin of Bud Brown Volkswagen Makes Selling Parts and Accessories Online Look Easy

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“Because of the extra inventory I’m able to stock, it’s easier to take care of my wholesale accounts efficiently each and every time they need something,”

— RJ Irwin of Bud Brown Volkswagen

Harper Porsche Jaguar

Michael Weber of Harper Porsche Jaguar Generates $50K a Month After a Year and a Half of Selling Parts Online

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 “Our online parts business could probably be a stand-alone business… it has managed to turn a profit month over month in a short time.”

— Michael Weber, Marketing Manager of Harper Porsche Jaguar

Fairway Ford

Online Parts Coordinator Nathan Vargo aimed to increase online sales by $30k per month. He quickly surpassed that goal, reaching over $115k in sales during the last 30 days alone.

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“I did a lot of research of what was available, and RevolutionParts had all the options I was looking for… RevolutionParts was the best.”

— Nathan Vargo, Online Parts Fairway FordLumberton Honda

Priority Mazda Tysons

Thomas Grimes of Priority Mazda Tysons used RevolutionParts to find his secret sauce, propelling his parts and accessories business to the next level.

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“I needed a simple solution that did not involve creating every single part number that I wanted to sell online. I visited RevolutionParts’ website and decided to give it a try,”

— Thomas Grimes, Web Order Specialist of Priority Mazda Tysons

Lumberton Honda

Todd Driver of Lumberton Honda Increases Market Share and Shatters Sales Goals with the RevolutionParts Platform and Marketing Services

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“The marketing process is great—I give them a budget and they manage my Adwords accounts, keywords, everything. They help me out with the advertising part of it and it’s one less thing I have to do.”

— Todd Driver, Parts and Service Director at Lumberton Honda

Colonial Dodge

Justin Teixeira of Colonial Dodge expands his Parts Department past his small town in Massachusetts to reach a nationwide audience and watch the part sales roll in.

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“RevolutionParts is a really good team—any issue I have, no matter how big or small, is addressed right away. They’re quick to come up with solutions when things fall off track.”

— Justin Teixeira, Parts Manager Of Colonial Dodge

Southwest Nissan

Parts Manager of Southwest Nissan, Jarrod Roscoe’s first attempt at parts eCommerce fell flat. When he switched to RevolutionParts, he began adding $30K a month to the Parts Department.

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“RevolutionParts is on top of it whenever I have a problem, suggestion, or decide I want to do something different. I like my eCommerce provider to be involved and give me recommendations on pricing and strategy. I know their expert advice can help us grow.”

— Jarrod Roscoe, Parts Manager of Southwest Nissan

Shingle Springs Subaru

Anthony Wells, Fixed Ops Director of Shingle Springs Subaru, adds $70,000 of monthly Parts Department revenue while cutting expenses with RevolutionParts.

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“There’s more to selling online than the revenue and gross profit you collect from the part sales alone. With stock order discounts, return reserves, and profit on shipping, we add thousands of dollars in gross profit every month on top of the online part sales.”

— Anthony Wells, Fixed Ops Director of Shingle Springs Subaru

Raceway Ford

Darin Pearcy, Parts Manager of Raceway Ford was sick of losing his customers to online retailers, so he decided to steal them back!

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“We really like the fact that we can sell parts to shoppers in far away states—we could never do that before getting online.”

— Darin Pearcy, Parts Manager of Raceway Ford

Delray Acura & Hyundai

Jamaine Knight and Robert Lasdon of Delray Acura & Hyundai Add Over $460K to the Parts Department in 2019

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“RevolutionParts has an excellent staff of people who know what they are doing and will help you get things done, This is a huge win for everyone!”

— Robert Lasdon, Internet Parts Director of Delray Acura & Hyundai

Mercedes-Benz of Wappinger Falls

Mercedes-Benz of Wappinger Falls

Chris Plant, Parts Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Wappinger Falls, adds five figures in monthly Parts Department revenue after only 6 months with RevolutionParts.

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“RevolutionParts has allowed us to add consistent revenue at the end of the month without having to try very hard. There’s a lot of opportunity for profit out there, and getting it is not rocket science.”

Chris Plant, Parts Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Wappinger Falls

Audi Wilmington

Parts Manager of Audi Wilmington, Frank Costa Turns Fraud Orders Into Minced Meat While Taking His Parts Business Nationwide With eCommerce!

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“That’s the future. Regular stores all over the place are shutting down because they can’t compete with the future of shopping,” he says, “everybody’s doing everything online. So are my wife and daughters—they’re always buying something online!”

— Frank Costa, Parts Manager of Audi Wilmington

Quality Buick GMC Mazda of Albuquerque

Garry Ricci, Parts & Accessories Director, uses RevolutionParts and the Storefront Plugin to directly compete with Aftermarket parts sales and reach more customers than ever before.

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“Implementation of our site was quick and painless and that hasn’t stopped after our site went live. Support is very fast to respond with results. The quickness of support is a selling feature on its own.”

— Garry Ricci, Parts & Accessories Director for Quality Buick GMC Mazda of Albuquerque

VW Mazda

University VW Mazda

Bob Cockerham, GM of University VW Mazda, Drives More Revenue than Ever with RevolutionParts!

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“We continue to see huge growth in online parts sales, and are now selling at a rate that we would not have thought possible when we first started,”

— Bob Cockerham, GM of University VW Mazda

Premier Kia Of Branford CT

Premier Kia of Branford Doubles Monthly Parts Department Revenue in One Year

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“RevolutionParts lets you sell to a whole new market, and they run marketing campaigns to get you the best results possible in your target market. Support is always there to help, too.”

— Gregory Mclaughlin, Parts Manager Premier Kia Of Branford CT

Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane

Larry H Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane achieves $63,000 in revenue in under three months with RevolutionParts

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“An old-school approach to selling parts wasn’t going to grow the business, There’s nothing diverse about only selling parts over-the counter, people want options!”

— Curtis McGeorge, Parts Manager of Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane

Toyota of Nashua

Toyota of Nashua

Toyota of Nashua has been selling parts online with RevolutionParts since 2016. Before that, they had a one-man operation behind a website that was going nowhere. Switching to Revolution turned out to be the difference between dreaming about making a profit to actually earning one. Wholesale parts manager Rob Weiss is glad they made the switch.

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“[The team] is extremely helpful and go above and beyond to get you where you need to be, I’m happy with the platform and have no complaints.”

— Rob Weiss, Wholesale Parts Manager at Toyota of Nashua

Lasco Ford

Lasco Ford has met and exceeded their high goals of $1 million in parts sales after just a year and a half on the platform. From a dusty computer in a back room to an office of five people working on online parts sales, Lasco Ford has seen growing success in the world of eCommerce thanks to hard work and guidance from RevolutionParts.

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“[I like] the entire platform in general. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the system or eCommerce selling. The features are user-friendly.”

— Austin Schillman, online sales manager at Lasco Ford

Page Auto Group

The Page Auto team originally sold auto parts online with RevolutionParts, but switched to SimplePart in 2014. In 2017, they switched back to RevolutionParts. We asked Matt about his experience with both platforms.

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“Getting started with RevolutionParts was pretty straightforward and simple. I probably made it look more challenging because I’m new to the whole thing, but the RevolutionParts team made it pretty simple.”

— Matthew Sturtz, Internet Manager at Page Auto Group

Wagner Motors

Over the past few years, Jason Brydon from Wagner Motors has been around the block with eCommerce solutions to sell parts & accessories online. He’s tried them all: Miva Merchant, OpenCart, TomatoCart, Trademotion, and SimplePart.

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“Revolution just keeps moving forward. I like the advancement; that’s what I always look for. I want to see improvement over the years. I don’t want to work on the same platform that I had 3 years ago. “

— Jason Brydon from Wagner Motors

Acura Overland Park

Michael and his team were early to the online parts game, and selling at a time without many established practices for the best ways to sell online. With a goal to sell more parts online, Acura Overland Park switched to RevolutionParts.

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“Every time I call, someone answers and gets everything resolved very, very quickly. I’ve never been left out in the dark. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. I’ve been down that road. If you’re going to do it, go with RevolutionParts.”

— Michael Zook,
Internet Parts Manager at Acura Overland Park

Conicelli Toyota

Conicelli Toyota had been selling parts online since the turn of the millennium but wanted a modern solution with a more accurate parts catalog to improve customer engagement. After switching from another eCommerce platform to RevolutionParts, sales doubled within 60 days.

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“A lot more people on my staff can help with online orders now because it is so easy to learn how to use, The training RevolutionParts gave us was second to none. The whole support team is there when you need them.”

— Steve Kaufmann,
Parts Manager at Conicelli Toyota

South Chicago Dodge

For years, South Chicago Dodge Chrysler Jeep has been serving the communities of Oak Lawn, Orland Park, and Skokie with great customer service for parts and vehicles. Looking for add another avenue for sales, the team decided to explore selling auto parts online with an eCommerce solution that was straightforward and easy to learn.

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“The team at RevolutionParts is very helpful and knowledgeable, It’s a pleasure doing business with them. Every problem I’ve come up with, they’ve given me a solution.”

— Sam Schweiger,
Parts Manager at South Chicago Dodge

Sunnyside Toyota

For 8 years, Sunnyside Toyota dominated the online parts business. As one of the first dealerships to sell Toyota parts online, they had a huge head start in the eCommerce world. But after a change to their URL, the team lost their high standing and didn’t have the marketing tools and mobile-friendly website to gain it back. After switching to RevolutionParts, the team saw an increase in sales and orders.

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“It’s easy to get started. Everything’s there, you can basically go tab through tab and figure it out on your own. But if we had any questions, I would give my sales rep a call and he’d walk me through everything.”

— Gary Osborne,
Internet Parts Manager at Sunnyside Toyota





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Grow your business with experts who are committed to your success. Dive into our revenue-driving resources.

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