7 Profitable Reasons To Sell Auto Parts on eBay

It’s easy to sell auto parts on eBay. With only a few clicks (and with the right software), your entire parts inventory can be available to millions of searching and ready-to-buy customers around the world.

The automotive segment of eBay—eBay Motors—is booming. The industry is seeing rapid growth rates across the board, and the early adopters are taking the heft of the profits.

Is your dealership selling auto parts on eBay? If not, you should be. Here are the reasons why eBay might just be a total game-changer for your dealership.


1. Sell Auto Parts on eBay Motors

Over the years, the demand for auto parts on eBay is through the roof. The way eBay is set up, it’s so easy for customers to search auto parts and comparison-shop for the best price all in one place.

To better fit the demand for vehicles and parts, eBay has a specialty site called eBay Motors, that focuses on providing the things automotive shoppers need, like research and security. In translation, it’s the ideal place to sell parts.

Shoppers can purchase entire vehicles through eBay Motors, but buying and selling auto parts and accessories is just as popular. Especially because sellers can provide part fitment info on their listings!

According to a study by UPS, automotive customers are less likely to return their purchased parts than products purchased in other industries. They do their research and care about ordering the right part on their first try.


Impressive eBay Marketplace Stats


Eliminate Parts Obsolescence

Additionally, eBay Motors is an ideal place to sell used car parts, and clear out old inventory. It may even eliminate obsolescence in your parts department completely!

Consumers looking for phased-out parts and accessories generally know they’ll have difficulty finding them at a brick-and-mortar store, so they know turning to online marketplaces is their best option. Not only are eBay customers ready to buy, but they’re actively looking for the obsolete parts you may have stashed away behind your parts counter!


2. Sell Auto Parts to a Large Audience

A channel like eBay gives you a broader scope than you’d have by selling alone. eBay has a large marketing budget to help attract potential shoppers, and you can capitalize on this traffic.

Some eBay marketing tools are available for you to use, free of charge! For example, you can run promotions on eBay to discount your auto parts and draw in even more customers.

Millions of people visit eBay regularly, so you have a customer base already waiting for you. These customers are searching for auto parts and are eager to buy!


International Audience

With eBay, you’re not limited to selling in the United States—you can extend your reach around the globe.

Their Global Shipping Program will handle all the details of international shipping, so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll talk more about this in a bit.


Springboard for Dealership Growth

There’s no reason to keep that audience restricted to eBay!

Use it as a platform to promote your dealership and get your name out to the world. After shoppers have made a purchase you can send a follow-up email to redirect them to your standalone parts web store.

Customers who enjoyed their experience may buy auto parts directly from your web store in the future.


3. Sell MORE Auto Parts With Consumer Trust and Confidence

Customers don’t recognize your business? No problem. After so many years on the Internet, shoppers trust eBay—and because of that, those potential customers trust you.

eBay is a marketplace that they have confidence in, but they also know eBay will mediate issues between you and a shopper.

You can boost this trust level even further by gaining Top Seller Status.

Top Seller Status comes with a ton of great benefits (i.e., cheaper shipping, and discounts on fees). It also marks your store with a badge so customers know right away that you’re a trustworthy seller.

It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your visibility on eBay.

RevolutionParts is always striving to make selling parts on eBay Motors as easy as possible, so you can sell more auto parts with less time and effort.

As mentioned before, eBay Motors has great tools to help customers find the part they’re looking for. Your listing can include part fitment information to boost customer confidence, which in turn boosts sales (and reduces returns).

You’re not required to provide auto part compatibility information, but it will help you succeed. Read more about the FAQs of part compatibility on eBay Motors to find out more.

4. Sell Auto Parts Safely With Seller Protection

Just as eBay shoppers don’t have to worry about dishonest businesses, you don’t have to worry about dishonest customers.

Dealerships with the Seller Protection Program can be insured against unpaid items, empty box “returns,” and unfair seller performance evaluations.

Their system has a way of detecting suspicious behavior with customers and sellers. Say, for example, that a customer has a history of reporting issues with their purchases. The system can then go in and try to detect an issue.

If an issue is found, then the Seller Protection Team can also investigate, so it’s not just a computer deciding your fate.

eBay takes steps to protect your reputation so that you can sell with confidence!


5. Sell Auto Parts Online With Lower Fees

Any marketplace you sell through is going to have fees, but eBay’s costs are lower than what you’ll find on Amazon.

If you partner with the right eCommerce solution provider, then insertion fees are waived completely. Talk with your eCommerce solution to see if they can help you out (Hint: RevolutionParts can definitely help!).

By the way, with the RevolutionParts eBay solution, certain fees (like insertion fees) are waived completely!


6. Sell Auto Parts Internationally Without Added Costs

Thanks to eBay’s Global Shipping Program, selling auto parts overseas is easier than ever!

As long as you comply with some eligibility rules, eBay’s international shipping experts will manage the overseas shipping and customs process for you.

Sound too good to be true? It’s really that easy. All you need to do is ship the part to eBay’s U.S. shipping center, and eBay will handle it from there.

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With the Global Shipping Program, you qualify for 5-star protection for shipping and handling ratings—meaning customer ratings below 5 stars for shipping charges or shipping time won’t count against your seller performance standards.

In fact, if any of your negative or neutral feedback is caused by the Global Shipping Program, that feedback will be removed.


7. Sell and Ship Oversized Items At No Additional Cost

Oversized and heavier items, like engines, aren’t usually seen as big-ticket sales items in the eCommerce world, but they can be with eBay. Did you know that engines are one of the top-selling items on eBay Motors? Dealers are taking advantage of this trend and RevolutionParts can provide even more assistance!

RevolutionParts can help you sell oversized items at no additional cost to you. If you already sell through eBay, then you can choose to enable listing heavy and oversized items. If you’re just signing up for eBay with RevolutionParts, listing heavy items will automatically be enabled for you.

With the help of eBay’s flat rate shipping features, you’ll be able to sell oversized items with free shipping., which will help you attract more customers.



eBay Motors is a great way to boost revenue for your dealership, and it’s something you can easily manage side-by-side with your existing online parts store. It’s another avenue for sales, and sales are the name of the game.

Aftermarket sellers dominate eBay at the moment, but that’s no reason to give up those sales—it just means there’s a bigger opportunity for OEM sellers to take over.

eBay can be a competitive market, but as long as you avoid some of the common mistakes that new sellers make on eBay Motors, it won’t keep you from making a profit.

So what are you waiting for?

See a demo of the RevolutionParts eBay solution to start growing auto part & accessory sales on eBay for your dealership.


Start Selling Parts on Amazon & eBay Today

Do you want to increase sales in your parts department, lower obsolescence, and increase revenue?

If the answer is yes, then you need to be selling on eBay. Get started with eBay and see what it takes to successfully sell your parts and accessories on one of the biggest online marketplaces.

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