[Infographic] Why Sell Auto Parts on Amazon

Imagine becoming a national retailer of OE parts! Amazon has the growing customers to get you there. 300 million of them, to be exact.

By selling OEM auto parts on Amazon, you can tap into 10 million car owners who bought parts and accessories online. And that was just in the last 6 months of 2016 (it’s grown since then)!

The Future is Online

Parts Managers who want to grow their department faster understand that they have to expand sales beyond the service and sales department. And the future is selling parts online.

This is your opportunity to take proactive steps to reduce parts obsolescence. (Amazon is FULL of searching, ready-to-buy shoppers)

When it comes to getting your parts online, it can seem like a shot in the dark. The online marketplace is increasingly competitive, especially with Prime shoppers expecting free shipping.

There are other Parts Managers having the same headaches and heartaches that you’re having, wondering how to understand the marketplace in terms of pricing and profitability. Today’s part shoppers have price transparency and it’s a valid concern that you won’t be competitive on pricing to make a profit.

But if you treat your online stores as a separate business, you’ll watch it grow.

So, Why Sell Auto Parts on Amazon?

This infographic highlights the huge opportunity to reach new customers online and provides tips for selling your parts inventory on Amazon.

The Tools you Need to Easily Sell Parts on Amazon

The tools on the RevolutionParts platform make selling on Amazon really, really easy for parts managers. You can create and edit thousands of listings in bulk. You can adjust pricing across the board, in just a few clicks. You can exclude certain categories, like hazmat or oversized, so you only sell what’s profitable for you.

Grab our free ebook to see exactly which tools you’ll need to easily and profitably sell OE parts & accessories on Amazon!

6 Must Have Tools for Selling OEM Parts on Amazon - ebook download


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