Whether you’re the General Manager, Fixed Ops Manager, or the Parts Manager, we can all agree that it is harder than ever to generate or even retain profit margins in our new car dealerships. However, Parts Managers have the uniquely difficult problem of overseeing the customer’s satisfaction after they leave the lot. They must also compete with other purveyors of parts; GMs and Fixed Ops don’t necessarily have this issue.

As the Parts Manager, consider these 8 questions the next time you find yourself performing the same tasks repeatedly, expecting different results:

  1. Do you feel like your local market is “tapped out”?
  2. Despite your best efforts, do you feel wholesale is “flat”?
  3. Does your Parts Department answer endless inbound phone calls & perform sales quotes, but nobody seems to be buying?
  4. Do you have obsolete parts to unload?
  5. Do you want to receive back-end OEM parts purchase objective bonuses but need some help?
  6. Are you looking for ways to increase turnover of your on-hand parts inventory investment?
  7. Would you like to present accessories to customers with every new car sold?
  8. Are you looking to add another revenue stream into your parts department?

While most of these questions are specifically targeted at the Parts Department, at the end of the day, a dollar is a dollar. If you’re the Parts Manager, you have the ability to sell parts to anyone, regardless of where the repair takes place, not just in your service department.

A huge percentage of under-served customers with older age cars are online and spending in record numbers. This year alone, eCommerce is expected to exceed 10 billion in sales across the country. At RevolutionParts, our mission statement is simple: We want you to sell more parts. Let us help you connect with customers who might otherwise never visit your dealership in person.