The Tax Solution Created for Dealers and Automakers

Auto dealers and manufacturers already have to compete with aftermarket part sellers in the lucrative auto parts eCommerce market. The last thing dealerships and manufacturers want to worry about is being responsible for the correct calculation, collection, and remittance of sales taxes for all states they sell to. Making a mistake can be a costly, legal liability.

RevolutionParts understands the needs of OEM part sellers. We have worked with dealers and manufacturers since 2013, building and operating online part and accessory Web Stores. We are considered a marketplace, which means all marketplace facilitator laws apply to our dealers who sell outside of their state. To us, it only made sense that we created a solution to make collecting and remitting those taxes easier for our customers.

Our newest feature allows our dealerships, groups, and OEMs to collect, report, and remit sales taxes on all OEM part and accessory sales made through their Web Stores. Instead of having to calculate and remit the correct amount of sales tax for each state you do business in, the RevolutionParts Marketplace Tax Comply feature completes all the work required and assumes all liability that comes with it. 

How the Marketplace Tax Comply Feature Works

This diagram represents the exact process behind the Marketplace Tax Comply. After you launch your custom, part-selling Web Store:

  1. A customer completes a parts purchase through your Web Store.
  2. Using the customer’s billing address, the sales tax is calculated for that state.
  3. You, the dealer, collect payment for the purchase and shipping.
  4. RevolutionParts processes and remits the sales tax.
  5. RevolutionParts releases the collected taxes and tax reports to the correct states’ taxing authorities.

Benefits of RevolutionParts Marketplace Tax Comply

RevolutionParts is currently the only digital part commerce partner offering this feature — no other vendor currently provides this capability. Other sales tax collection software is available, but our Marketplace Tax Comply is the only complete, affordable solution tailored for OEM parts and accessories eCommerce.

Marketplace Tax Comply performs all sales tax collecting, remittance, and reporting while maintaining full compliance with each state’s marketplace facilitator laws.

This not only relieves your business from the responsibility and risks reliant on the proper collection, but it also protects your business from the complexity and cost that typically comes with complying to states’ tax rules. 

We consistently research all complex state laws for the locations where you conduct business.

To make your jobs easier, we conduct all the necessary research needed to keep you compliant, keeping tax tables up-to-date with occasional revisions. 

Marketplace Tax Comply integrates with your dealer management systems.

Our newest feature is available to integrate with all your dealer management systems, including those that manage inventory and accounting.

This feature is designed to handle a variety of workflows by manufacturers, auto groups, and dealerships.

Not only can Marketplace Tax Comply be used at the dealership level, but it can also be used through different manufacturer part programs that sell on behalf of dealerships. Our integrations handle all B2B transactions and tax-exempt transactions using the correct forms.

Make sure your dealership is sales tax compliant and download the free checklist!

Contact us today and learn how we maintain compliance with sales tax laws for dealerships and manufacturers on your behalf

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