Since COVID-19 has forced states to order people to stay at home, dealerships are seeing a 40% decrease in their service lane traffic and an even larger drop on the sales floor. This means that dealerships will need to find new forms of revenue to protect dealership revenue. How can your dealership best use this downtime to come out on top? 

If you’re struggling to generate revenue with your other departments, it’s time to capitalize on an eCommerce program now. Customers may not be coming into the dealership, but they are still shopping for parts — and they’re shopping online. 


The market has officially changed: your customers are now shopping online for cars, parts, and accessories. This change in the market will not go away even after the stay-at-home orders and lockdowns have been lifted. Customers will realize how easy it is to order the parts and accessories they need and have them delivered to them, and this change will be permanent.

The automotive industry is expecting an increase in demand for parts as repair shops and dealer service departments see an overwhelming number of customers getting their cars maintained and repaired. The dealers who are selling online will be the ones to capture these sales, and you want to be prepared to come out on top.


(Online Part Sales)

Imagine if you started adding over $30K a month in parts and accessories sales to your parts department? 


Dealerships have had to cut and furlough plenty of staff in order to balance out in this economic downturn. You may find that your parts department is lacking the staff needed to keep things going, and you might not have the internal support necessary to start selling parts online. 

There will be demand once the economy has begun to resolve, and you want to be set up to take advantage of that. With RevolutionParts, you’ll be set up for success with an easy-to-use platform that simplifies parts order management. Our Account Specialists will help your parts department get up and running without having to sacrifice any valuable time. 


Speaking of short staff, if your dealership is out a driver and you’re looking to cut costs while offering your customer’s a high level of customer service, our Local Delivery tool can help you deliver and pick up parts locally and more affordably. 

Whether your service department is trying to get customers in and out faster or a local customer is choosing to shelter-in-place, you can use our on-demand delivery service to pick up and deliver a part to them. We’ve even seen our dealerships using Local Delivery to send fluids and other easy maintenance parts to customers’ own homes!

In light of these challenging times, we will cover $250 in deliveries for every dealership that signs up so you can take care of your local and wholesale customers’ needs.

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