How this Parts Director Made Local Parts Delivery Easy, Fast, and Cheap

Dave Miller is the Parts Director of a Phoenix-based mid-sized dealership with a busy wholesale network of body shops, mechanics, and other dealerships. Dave processes an average of 25 hotshot deliveries a day.

The Problem: In an effort to cut costs, Dave had to let one of his hotshot drivers go.

When Dave had to let one of his hotshot drivers go, his remaining hotshot driver was buried, and his wholesale service levels suffered. On high-volume days, it was even more unmanageable! It began to affect his customer loyalty and was costing him revenue.

Dave needed a new way to handle his daily local order volume without having to add ~$4,500/month in expenses for another driver and vehicle, so he turned to a third-party, same-day contracted courier service.

To ensure all of his daily orders arrived at their destinations on time, Dave used his in-house driver to complete 12 to 15 parts deliveries a day. To handle the additional 10+ daily orders, Dave requested a same-day courier pick-up to avoid interrupting his driver’s route. Right off the bat, Dave’s wholesale business suffered. With the courier’s 4-hour pickup and delivery window, Dave was unable to guarantee his customers the service they had come to expect from Dave’s team. In some cases, the part wouldn’t arrive at the body shop or the mechanic until after they closed. Without real-time notifications, Dave couldn’t tell if or when parts reached their destinations. The courier was unreliable and hurt his local relationships. With monthly fees on top of the standard delivery fee, it wasn’t helping lower his overhead costs.

Dave needed a better way.

The Solution: A cheaper, faster, more reliable Local Delivery method

That’s when he decided to try RevolutionParts Local Delivery. At last, he found something that checked all the boxes. Now, Dave is able to schedule a fast, affordable, and trackable delivery for his part. With full service from dispatch to delivery in as little as one hour, Dave is always confident that his customers are getting what they need when they need it. With no added fees, real-time notifications that alert him when parts reach his customers, and overall ease-of-use make RevolutionParts Local Delivery the perfect solution for Dave to effectively handle his order volume and meet customer expectations in a cost-effective way.

Easy to

Multiple hotshot
delivery options

Built-in live order tracking

Saves you

Door-to-door deliveries

Get parts

Deliver exceptional service


RevolutionParts’ Local Delivery tool allows dealers and repair shops to set up local parts deliveries that are reliable, trackable, affordable, and get to their destination in as little as one hour.

Get the comparison chart to see how your current method measures up.

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