Become a Parts Super Seller With a Website Plugin

Selling parts online is vital to any dealership’s survival. However, many dealers don’t want to deal with the hassle of running an entirely separate website for their parts department. 

However, an online shopping experience is essential to running your parts business. Today’s consumers are shopping almost exclusively online, which means your dealership has to evolve. 

If your parts department wants to begin selling parts online but is not ready to sell parts nationally, a website plugin on the RevolutionParts Local Package is the perfect solution!

With a website plugin from RevolutionParts, your parts department’s entire inventory can be uploaded onto your dealership’s website to allow customers to easily purchase parts online at the same rate that you sell them over the counter.

This can help turn your parts department into a modern-day parts Super Seller!

Here are some of the top reasons dealers choose to install the RevolutionParts website plugin:

  • Increase local retail sales
  • Grow wholesale business
  • Start selling online
  • Give customers a modern shopping experience

Watch the video below to learn more about the Website Plugin and how it can benefit your parts department.

Website Plugin vs. Traditional Parts Form

Many dealerships offer some version of an antiquated Parts Order Form on their website, which does little to engage the customer; an email exchange is often slow and out-of-touch. 

Today, customers want to shop online, and your Website Plugin allows customers to go to your dealership’s website and browse your parts catalog. 

This allows customers to purchase parts online, schedule a pick-up or Same-Day Delivery service, or simply see if you have a particular part in stock at the right price. This allows your customers to purchase from you 24/7.

These are the tools that online parts customers expect to see–the ability to shop from your dealership online.

With these tools in place, your dealership can cut down on the number of calls that turn into lost sales and generate more revenue from digital retail, all while helping improve daily operations for your parts department. 

Plus, the customer gets the parts delivered right to their doorstep! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation and will go a long way to turning those first-time parts customers into repeat buyers!

Website Plugin Makes it Easy for Wholesale Customers to Price and Order

For most parts departments, their wholesale business is very important and carries a lot of untapped potential. It’s important to ensure that your local repair shops and collision centers find the best deal on auto parts in the quickest time frame. 

The Website Plugin can help dealerships find and purchase what they need. With easy-to-use custom views, you can give your wholesale customers a custom link that shows them the parts they need, their in-stock status, and your pre-negotiated price (set specifically for them). 

With the Website Plugin, your wholesale customers can order purchases instantly and get updates on the status of their parts pick-up or delivery time.

Website Plugin vs. a Parts Web Store

Setting up an entirely separate website for your parts department is not the best option for everyone. Not every parts department desires to sell to a national audience but instead would rather focus on maximizing local sales. 

This is why RevolutionParts offers a Local Package, which is aimed at helping you sell more parts locally.

That is what the Website Plugin is made for; local sales that you can price the same as the parts you sell over the counter and custom online pricing and ordering for your wholesale customers.  

With the Website Plugin, you get instant parts catalog integration, with easy ways for customers to pay and finalize purchases all from one place! 

Plus, if your GM wants you to sell parts online, setting up a Website Plugin is an easy and beneficial way to meet those goals.

Bottom Line

If you need to capture more of your local market with the least friction, the Website Plugin is the best choice for you! It’s easy to use, quick to set up, and efficient. It’ll help turn your parts department into a well-oiled machine. 

Still need help improving your local sales? Check out “Roadmap to Winning More Local Parts Sales” to find out how you can do that with another easy-to-use tool, RevolutionParts’ Same-Day Delivery tool!

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