RevolutionParts Releases Report on Dealership Insights Into OEM Programs

PHOENIX, AZ, July 13, 2021 — Today, RevolutionParts released the RevolutionParts Dealership Insights on OEM Programs, a report aimed at looking at the effectiveness of OEM software and incentive programs used throughout the dealership. The report is based on the responses from General Managers across 200+ dealerships. 

“Manufacturers are recognizing they need to implement changes to their current programs to keep up with the fast-paced eCommerce environment,” stated Ibrahim Mesbah, RevolutionParts CEO. “The tools they have now are not always the tools dealers need to succeed and grow their business in today’s market.  We’re trying to understand why that is and how we can help them.”

This survey provides insight into the effectiveness of current OEM programs on dealership productivity, revenue, and overall success. 

Key findings from this survey include:

  • 84.51% of dealers use an OEM program in the parts department, more than any other department in the dealership
  • Only 64% of dealers are satisfied with their OEM programs, with most dealers believing that OEM programs are designed for the good of the manufacturer rather than the good of the dealer.

Some key takeaways from the report include the following recommendations for manufacturers looking to increase adoption and drive results, including:

  • Select easy-to-use software and digital systems
  • Develop better training and communication
  • Support improved customer service
  • Help to maintain a consistent parts inventory
“This report has revealed that although OEMs have begun to make unprecedented investments in software and eCommerce programs on behalf of dealerships, we need to work together to better understand the true drivers of success for dealers and provide them with the best solutions to grow their business,” stated Mesbah. 

To download the RevolutionParts Dealership Insights on OEM Programs, visit:


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RevolutionParts accelerates OEM parts and accessories sales for every major automotive brand. The company’s core focus is on delivering an enterprise-ready platform for parts retail and wholesale commerce channels. The RevolutionParts platform powers more than $400M in annual sales and reaches millions of unique buyers globally. For more information, visit


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Mike Rich
RevolutionParts, Inc.

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