RevolutionParts Launches RP Shipping, Setting a New Standard in Parts eCommerce

Phoenix, AZ, October 10, 2023 –  RevolutionParts announces the launch of RP Shipping, a suite of powerful features designed to provide parts sellers with a differentiated shipping experience that reduces costs, eliminates wasted time, and accelerates the flexibility to send and receive parts. 

“At RevolutionParts, our purpose is to transform the way parts buyers and sellers connect by removing friction through all stages of the eCommerce experience. We’ve built a solution that helps eliminate common challenges with regard to shipping operations,” said Ibrahim Mesbah, CEO of RevolutionParts. “With the launch of RP Shipping, we’re excited to provide cutting-edge tools that help keep our customers competitive in today’s ever-changing environment.”

RP Shipping is made up of three key components: discounted shipping rates, crowd-sourced same-day local delivery, and shipping protection.

RP Shipping allows sellers instant access to print labels at competitive rates without having to spend time negotiating or managing 3rd party partners to receive the best available rates.

Shipping Protection automatically safeguards customers against damage, loss, and theft for all parts shipments at no extra charge. In fact, over $40 million worth of shipped parts has been protected with a claim approval rate of over 99% YTD, ensuring a smooth and reliable claim process that has favorably resolved nearly every claim while saving customers time with tedious claim processes.

Our crowd-sourced delivery solution, called Same-Day, empowers dealers to dispatch and receive local parts in a cost-effective way, leveraging an extensive network of delivery providers such as Doordash, Uber, Roadie, Shipt, and more.

Together, these features provide users with a unique shipping experience, carefully crafted to reduce costs, save time, and make it easier to receive, process, fulfill, ship, and protect orders across all selling channels—all from one platform. 

In addition, sellers are able to generate accurate quotes and tracking and have this information automatically shared with end buyers to ensure a seamless buying experience. 

“As the demands of eCommerce continue to evolve, RP Shipping offers an array of functionalities that empower users to stay ahead of the curve,“ Mesbah said.

The release of RP Shipping is a testament to RevolutionParts’ commitment to innovation, service, and excellence in the world of eCommerce.

For more information on RP Shipping or to learn more, please visit

About RevolutionParts

RevolutionParts powers automotive parts and accessories sales across North America. The company’s core focus is on delivering an enterprise-ready platform for parts retail and wholesale commerce channels. The RevolutionParts platform powers more than $600M in annual sales and reaches millions of unique buyers globally, transforming the way buyers and sellers connect. For more information, visit  


Media Contact:
Will Kaplan
Director, Marketing
RevolutionParts, Inc.   

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