RevolutionParts and Advantage Truck Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Heavy Duty Parts eCommerce

ATG aims to set a new standard for heavy duty truck parts shopping with the launch of its new ecommerce website

Phoenix, AZ, September 15, 2023–RevolutionParts, a leading provider of parts eCommerce solutions, has partnered with Advantage Truck Group (ATG), the largest Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) dealer network in New England, to develop an engaging eCommerce experience to meet the needs of heavy duty truck parts buyers.

“This eCommerce initiative creates an opportunity for ATG to streamline and enhance the parts purchasing services we offer, and our collaboration with RevolutionParts underscores ATG’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation in the heavy duty parts eCommerce sector,” says Michael Ramian, Parts Director of ATG.

Since its inception, RevolutionParts has been a trusted name in parts eCommerce and has powered over $3 billion in the passenger vehicle and light truck market. Their partnership with ATG, known for providing superior customer support and service experience, marks a significant step forward in RevolutionParts’ commitment to delivering parts buyers and sellers with a frictionless digital experience. 

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Advantage Truck Group. This partnership is a key step in RevolutionParts’ upleveling of the heavy duty truck market, and together with ATG, we will bring a world-class shopping experience to online heavy duty truck parts buyers,” says Ibrahim Mesbah, CEO of RevolutionParts.

Dedicated to delivering an unparalleled customer experience, the new ATG website is engineered to prioritize user engagement and satisfaction. By incorporating user-friendly navigation, detailed product descriptions, and high-quality visuals, the website enables visitors to easily specify parts and pay securely before ATG ships their purchase directly to them.  

RevolutionParts has crafted a solution that delivers a seamless experience for parts sellers and facilitates easy catalog management, automated import of inventory data, and a single platform to handle all order fulfillment for sellers.

“At RevolutionParts, we understand the complexities of the auto parts market and the unique needs of both buyers and sellers. Our solution is designed to simplify the buying process while empowering sellers with the tools they need to scale their businesses successfully,” said Mesbah. 

With the upcoming launch of the new eCommerce-enabled website through this partnership with RevolutionParts, Advantage Truck Group aims to set a new standard for heavy duty truck parts shopping in the online market space.

About Advantage Truck Group

ATG is the largest Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) dealer in New England, offering truck sales, service and parts from locations in Raynham, Shrewsbury and Westfield, Massachusetts; Lancaster, Lebanon, Manchester and Seabrook, New Hampshire; and Westminster, Vermont. ATG’s network supports a wide range of commercial and municipal vehicle applications, fleets and owner-operators, and offers the largest on-highway truck parts network in New England. For more information, visit

About RevolutionParts

RevolutionParts powers automotive parts and accessories sales across North America. The company’s core focus is on delivering an enterprise-ready platform for parts retail and wholesale commerce channels. The RevolutionParts platform powers more than $600M in annual sales and reaches millions of unique buyers globally, transforming the way buyers and sellers connect. For more information, visit 


Media Contact:

Will Kaplan
Director, Marketing
RevolutionParts, Inc.
(312) 307-2222 

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