How Satisfied Are Dealers With Their OEM Programs?

What do dealers really think about their OEM programs? Are dealers getting the most out of their current program practices, or is there room for improvement?

RevolutionParts surveyed 200+ dealers to get their input on OEM programs and overall satisfaction with their current practices.

What We Found

While the majority of dealers reported that their OEM programs were somewhat satisfactory, 68% of dealers thought that OEM programs served their manufacturer’s needs more than their own. This is especially true for dealership parts departments, where OEM programs are most widely used. 

However, 57% of dealers report feeling that their OEM programs are ineffective at supporting parts eCommerce and solutions, and this can have a major impact on how successful a parts department is. 

Aside from the lack of eCommerce support, OEMs need to adjust their approach to building programs meant to help a dealership be more successful. Despite feeling somewhat satisfied with their OEM programs, dealers agreed that there are some major adjustments that need to be made. Aside from supporting eCommerce, manufacturers need to restructure their programs to include:

  • Easier eCommerce tools and resources
  • Offer better training and support for dealers
  • Provide more incentives to help dealers reach their goals

With these changes dealers can:

  • Grow their parts business exponentially
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve absorption rates
  • Learn more about eCommerce tools and solutions
  • Improve upon innovation
  • Motivate their team members to take more initiative

If manufacturers want more dealers to adopt their OEM programs, they’re going to need to know what dealers need to make the program successful, and where they are currently falling short. If you want to learn more about how dealers view their OEM programs, download the full report:

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