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Bob Cockerham, GM of University VW Mazda, Drives More Revenue than Ever with RevolutionParts!

“We continue to see huge growth in online parts sales, and are now selling at a rate that we would not have thought possible when we first started,”

— Bob Cockerham, GM of University VW Mazda

When General Manager Bob Cockerham decided to explore selling the University VW Mazda parts inventory online, his goal was to increase sales by 20%. Having the dealership’s inventory available to a national customer base via eCommerce was the easiest way for Bob to accomplish this.

By moving his parts inventory online, his customers would have the option to shop from home, meaning they would no longer have to drive out to the physical dealership to buy parts. “I was looking to simplify the purchasing process on the customer side,” Bob says, knowing that customers are more likely to buy if the steps are minimal and easy to follow.

Bob partnered with University VW Mazda over 7 years ago: when he arrived, there was no online sales plan in place. “The dealership was not in the online parts business prior to my arrival,” Bob claims. “But I knew that I wanted to get into selling my inventory online.”

Bob always knew selling parts online was crucial to the success of his dealership. “I had a parts website prior to RevolutionParts that did not perform well,” Bob says, reflecting on his past experience with selling parts and accessories online. However, this did not stop him from trying again. Bob was confident that if he tried eCommerce on a new platform, he would find success. He was right.

Achieving Goals, Boosting Sales, and Staying Secure

In order to hit his goal of a 20% increase in parts and accessories sales, Bob knew he had to ensure that his customers felt as though the online buying process was as safe from fraud as possible. With RevolutionParts, Bob wasn’t worried.

To Bob, the peace of mind RevolutionParts gives him goes hand in hand with increased revenue: “The platform is easy to use, the fraud protection is important to me, and we continue to receive help from RevolutionParts.”

When asked if selling parts and accessories online through the RevolutionParts platform changed the way Bob ran his dealership: “1000% yes. Everything from how we process orders to how we keep track of our business and our two RevolutionParts websites, as well as a big part of the day to day in our parts department.”

Long Term Parts Department Growth

Bob wanted to access new revenue channels at University VW Mazda, and between his two RevolutionParts sites, he has done that.

“For us, [RevolutionParts] has been a stable and proven place to grow our business. What started as a few extra sales every month is now a very significant part of our dealership parts department.”

His dealership has seen revenue expand ever since Bob made the executive decision to try his hand at eCommerce a second time. As with everything new, there was doubt at first, but Bob and the rest of the staff at University VW Mazda have seen the results of successful online sales speak for themselves.

“We continue to see huge growth in online parts sales, and are now selling at a rate that we would not have thought possible when we first started,” Says Bob, reflecting on the journey his dealership has taken since partnering with RevolutionParts.

Online Parts Inventory Sales Create Opportunity  

Making more revenue and sales than ever, Bob’s dealership and online stores have proven why selling parts and accessories online is the easiest way to increase your customer base and put more money in your pocket.

When asked if he would recommend doing business with RevolutionParts, Bob confidently says, “I would tell (and have told) anyone that asks that if you’re serious about online parts sales and plan on long term growth that can change your parts department forever, RevolutionParts is what you should use.”

Your parts department can find success like Bob did with University VW Mazda.

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