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Managed Services 

Save Time Resolving Customer Service Issues

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How do you keep your customers smiling while freeing up your team for more critical tasks? With Managed Services, we've got you covered. Offload chat and email management for your RevolutionParts Web Store. 

Why Managed Services?

Cut Operational Costs

Current RP customers save up to 75% of their time managing chat and email.

Enhanced Support

We handle customer inquiries so you can focus on selling more parts.

Improve Efficiencies

Free your team to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

Chat Smarter, Not Harder

The Managed Serves team is on standby to address any inquiries your customers may have, including; 

  • Order/Return Status Checks
  • Fitment Verification
  • Inventory Questions
  • Finding and OrderingParts
  • General Parts Questions

This support ensures customers receive accurate and timely information, enhancing their shopping experience and loyalty to your brand.

Fewer Messages, More Support

If your parts department is overwhelmed with incoming chat and email messages, Managed Services could be your key to saving time and costs associated with customer support. 

Schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager to explore how Managed Services can revolutionize your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What questions can Managed Services answer?

Managed Services can deal with lots of different customer questions, like checking on orders or asking about parts.

How effective is Managed Services?

RP customers currently using this service save up to 75% of their time managing chat and email communication.

Can I use Managed Services for questions from our dealership website?

Right now, Managed Services is just for helping with questions about your parts Web Store. It's a special service to make shopping for parts online better.

Does RevolutionParts include a chatbot with this service?

At the moment, we don't offer a chatbot. Instead, RevolutionParts focuses on providing your team with a premium service to respond to all the incoming chat and email messages on your parts Web Store!

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