How to Guarantee Customers Buy Parts from You (and only you!)

Your customers are used to shopping at their own convenience. They expect to have the same access to your products when they’re broken down on the side of the freeway at 8pm as they do on their lunch break. Ask yourself this, are you giving them that 24/7 access?

With over 17,000 dealerships to choose from nationwide, shoppers have countless options for parts and accessories. That’s why now more than ever, it’s important for you to stand out. Offering a shopping experience that is easy, fast, accurate, and pleasant will guarantee customers buy parts from you, and only you.

Make it so easy, a dummy could do it! Many of your customers are not parts experts so when they land on your parts form, they’re overwhelmed by some of the questions. Your only guarantee to keeping this type of shopper from bouncing to a more user-friendly option is to swap the parts form for a Storefront Plugin that allows customers to browse, get quotes, and make a purchase all in one visit.

Create a fast process. A customer has just submitted a parts form for a replacement keyless entry remote. The clock is ticking! The longer it takes for one of your parts employees to respond, the likelier it is your customer will go to a competitor. You’d better dedicate one of your counter employees to responding to parts forms first thing every morning, but even that doesn’t account for folks that submitted a form after 5 pm on Friday. When your parts form is the customer’s only way of shopping your catalog, time is your biggest enemy. This is where the Storefront Plugin comes in—nothing is faster than a computer (even your best employee).

Fill orders accurately. “Wrong-Part-Paul” is a bigger problem than you might realize. An order filled with the wrong part results in a bad customer experience. Almost 60% of shopper won’t return after a bad customer experience. In other words, you probably just lost that sale and a returning customer. 100% accuracy should be your goal with every time—eliminate the margin for human error with a browsable online parts catalog.

Leave the customer with a pleasant memory. Your customers prefer not to talk on the phone, but if you’re still using a parts form, phone calls are inevitable. Guarantee your phone calls create a pleasant experience by training your staff to be polite, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented every time they pick up the phone. Showing the customer you’re happy to help will result in more sales and loyal patronage. Seriously—It pays to be friendly.

Noticing a common theme here? Save your customers a headache and make your job easier all in one—ditch your outdated parts form. Request a demo with RevolutionParts to learn more about how the Storefront Plugin can guarantee your customers shop with you and only you.

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