Drive Parts Department
Revenue Growth

Join the official Mopar.com National eStore to deliver maximum revenue, a superior customer experience and unparalleled brand loyalty.

Mopar.com National eStore

Improve your local parts business and capture orders from the Mopar.com National eStore.


+1 time $350 implementation


  • Mopar.com National eStore orders
  • Dealer Site Plugin
  • Cloud Accessorizer
  • Local Delivery options
  • Full Mopar® catalog

Mopar.com National eStore Plus

Build your own parts brand with the maximum earning potential.


+1 time $800 implementation


  • All Mopar.com National eStore features
  • Dealer-branded eStore
  • Amazon store
  • eBay store
  • Marketing services eligible

Mopar® Accessory Sales Tool
powered by Insignia Group

Maximize you in-store accessory sales and wow your customers.



  • 3D Vehicle & Accessory Visualizer
  • Automatic OE pricing & catalog updates
  • Customize features like labor rates
  • Robust e-training modules
  • Creates revenue for Parts, Sales, and Service

Capture Online Sales

Sell across multiple channels to capture the growing online parts market.

Maximize Your Resources

Save time and money by consolidating processes into a single platform.

Build Relationships

Create memorable purchase experiences that drive repeat business.

Grow Local Business

Improve the experience for local DIY and wholesale customers.


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Parts Sold


Website Visits


Avg. Order Value


Avg. Monthly Revenue

Reach More Buyers

  • Mopar.com National eStore

    Seamlessly receive ordes from the Mopar.com National eStore.

  • Dealer Site Plugin

    Allow customers to buy parts and accessories directly from your site, day or night.

  • Dealer-Branded eStore (Plus Package)

    Set your own prices, run promotions, sell your merchandise, and build a thriving online business.

  • Amazon/eBay Store (Plus Package)

    Instantly start selling on the world’s largest online marketplaces: Amazon and eBay.

Improve Efficiencies

  • Easy Order Management

    Simple and intuitive tools make it easy to manage orders, communicate with customers, and collect payment.

  • Robust Reporting

    Instantly view performance across your sales channels to track progress and identify areas of opportunity.

  • Fully Managed Catalog

    Automatic catalog, fitment, and pricing updates ensure customers can confidently find the right parts and accessories.

  • Integrated Shipping

    Quickly determine the best rate, gain access to corporate shipping discounts, and instantly print shipping labels.

Drive Satisfaction

  • Optimized Shopping

    Provide a modern shopping experience featuring detailed fitment data, upsell recommendations, and a simple checkout process.

  • Cloud Accessorizer

    Allow customers to select, visualize, and purchase accessories for their vehicle.

  • Rapid Delivery

    With just a few clicks schedule a hotshot same-day delivery to any business or residential address in your local market.

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