5 Reasons To Start Planning for Black Friday Now So You Don’t Miss Out!

When you hear the words “Black Friday,” what immediately pops into your mind? Sales. Giant sales. Sales with big savings and sweet deals make consumers flock to any business. 

But did you know that Black Friday is more than just one big sales day? Black Friday is nearly a week of anticipation, discounts, and promotions. Black Friday, and its increasingly popular sibling holiday, Cyber Monday, can span up to five days long. Especially for businesses taking their cues from Amazon. 

It’s a BIG deal, and it’s better to be prepared for it sooner rather than later. 

Why Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are mostly seen as big sales events. While that’s true, they can offer your dealership more benefits than you might imagine. 

The most significant advantages of Black Friday/Cyber Monday include:

  • Boost your revenue
  • Sell more parts 
  • Promote your dealerships/part departments image
  • Attracts new customers
  • Create returning customers

The benefits are clear, but preparing for it now may not be as evident. Here are the reasons why you need to start thinking about your Black Friday/Cyber Monday strategy now. 


 2021 Black Friday Predictions for Online Parts and Accessories Sales


You Need to Be Set Up For eCommerce ASAP

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are dominated by online retail. Your dealership might have an online presence, but your parts department may not be at the same level. If you don’t have the right eCommerce setup, you’re going to lose more money than you’ll make during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. 

Why do you need to get set up for eCommerce now? Getting the right eCommerce solution in place can isn’t instantaneous. You need to get set up in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which means you need to start getting set up now. 

To be ready, you need to:

  • Get onboarded: This process can take up to 30 days to get up and running.

  • Get your website ready: Once your web store is set up, you need to get it ready for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. 

  • Get your inventory integrated: This part is simple, as your entire catalog can easily be added to your web store, Amazon, and eBay with the click of a button.

  • Set up additional marketplaces to sell through: Selling on Amazon and eBay can help boost your sales.

Getting set up for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping holiday is easy. RevolutionParts can help you get onboarded, integrate your inventory, get you set up with a high-quality web store, and help you navigate selling on additional digital marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. We can help you get set up in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday so you can take advantage of the increased parts sales. 


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotions Shouldn’t Until the Last Minute

Preparing for Black Friday/Cyber Monday doesn’t just require the right eCommerce solution. It also requires a great marketing strategy. Marketing can’t wait. You need to be promoting your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales program as soon as possible. If you wait until the week before your sale to promote it, you’re too late. If you wait until the first week of November to start your promotions, you’re behind. Most companies start promoting their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promos as early as mid-October. 

Create a Marketing Strategy

Getting your marketing right for Black Friday/Cyber Monday is crucial to the success of your dealership. Throwing a couple of ads online isn’t enough to keep up with the competition these days. You need to be on the radar of your current customers and your potential customers. You can’t do that without effective marketing tools and techniques

Not sure where to start with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing strategy? RevolutionParts can help steer you in the right direction. Through RevolutionParts’ marketing services, you can create and implement an effective digital marketing strategy that you can apply to big sales events or even just year-round. 

How can RevolutionParts help you?

  • Create and implement email marketing campaigns
  • Improve PPC advertising
  • Improve your website SEO to rank higher on search engines

Your Competitors Have Already Started

All of your competitors are planning their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales strategy now. They’re testing their site speed, ensuring their ads are in place and setting their budgets. This means that they already have a leg up on your dealership. If you want to stay on the same playing field as your competitors, you need to create and implement the right eCommerce strategy. 

If your customers have a hard time purchasing parts and accessories from you, then you’re already behind. If potential customers aren’t aware of sales you are promoting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they’ll flock to your competitors instead because they know they’re having a sale. You can help ensure those potential customers will shop from you instead of going someplace else by planning now.


Your Consumers Are Planning For It

Most consumers are conscious of their buying decisions and will put off purchasing in the fall until the Black Friday weekend because they know they may get the same product at a better deal. Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominate the online shopping sphere every fall as many consumers base their buying habits on what benefits them the most.

Your customers are already planning for these sales. They’re setting their own budgets. They’re already looking at their buying options and which retailers can offer them the best deals. This is your chance to meet your customer’s expectations and deliver them the best buying experience. Customers who purchase from you have a higher chance of becoming repeat customers and returning to your store for their future auto part needs.


Are You Ready? 

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales surge can make or break your dealership’s sales goals. Without the proper preparation, strategy, and tools, you could sacrifice a major opportunity to increase your revenue. Start planning for your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales strategy now and get the most out of the holiday season by getting set up with parts eCommerce as soon as possible. Schedule a demo today to learn more about RevolutionParts’ parts eCommerce solution. 


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