How to Talk to Your Parts Manager About Parts eCommerce

General Managers should be looking to increase revenue by going where their customers are: online. Having an online presence is essential to staying on your customers’ radar. With the right eCommerce strategy, you can bulletproof your dealership against any economic challenges that may arise. 

Still, a lot of General Managers are hesitant to sell parts online, especially in the parts department. That may be because their parts managers are skeptical of selling parts online, or they’re hesitant to switch to a new system. If you are a General Manager that cares about the success of the dealership and increasing things like CSI, revenue, and absorption rate, you need to invest in digital retailing. This starts with talking to your parts manager.

Here are some things to consider when talking to your parts manager about eCommerce solutions. 

How Can You Convince Your Parts Manager?

Your parts manager might be skeptical about selling parts online. You need to get them excited about digital retailing by sharing all the benefits they can look forward to. 

The most common concerns parts managers bring up are:

  • The cost of eCommerce tools
  • The time it takes to train their employees
  • The online competition

These are all things that should be considered when talking about using eCommerce systems to help grow the parts business. However, as General Manager, it’s up to you to find ways to help put those concerns to rest by talking about the positive consequences of eCommerce systems. 

Concern 1: The Cost

A robust eCommerce program will help create a positive ROI, effectively covering the cost of the program and increasing revenue simultaneously.

Concern 2: The Training

A good eCommerce system is easy-to-use and takes little time to learn. Parts managers can easily train their department employees on how to use it.

Concern 3: Online Competition

Whether you are selling online to customers across the nation, there will be competition, so remind your parts manager that you have to be where your customer is. Selling online with the right eCommerce solution can help generate more sales while beating out the competition. 

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Using eCommerce systems for the parts department can:

  • Generate higher parts revenue
  • Lower parts obsolescence
  • Improve absorption rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build brand loyalty and customer retention

Parts departments can generate more parts revenue by reaching a wider customer base. Selling online doesn’t limit parts departments to customers in the local area. They can sell parts and accessories on a national level and reach parts customers no matter where they are located. 

Selling OEM parts online through marketplaces can also help your parts departments lower obsolete parts. Customers looking for obsolete parts are more likely to turn to an online solution, such as eBay. 

By generating more parts revenue and selling more obsolete parts, parts departments can improve their absorption rates. This benefits the parts department and the dealership. Lowering absorption rates helps improve profit margins by cutting down on the percentage of overhead costs. 

With easy-to-use eCommerce tools, your dealership stands a higher chance of increasing customer retention. Customers who have a good shopping experience at your parts counter are more likely to return to your dealership for parts and services in the future. This helps build brand loyalty and strengthens customer loyalty.

What to Look For in a Good eCommerce Solution

Now that you and your parts manager are on board, you need to decide on what eCommerce solutions you’re going to use. There are plenty of tools and marketplaces to choose from, but not all of them may meet your needs. 

Here are three things you should look for in an eCommerce tool:

#1 – Easy-to-use: Your customers need to be able to find what they need and order it quickly.

#2 – Cost-effective: It has to work within your budget but still deliver quality results.

#3 – Easy Integration & Tracking: You need to see and track parts data easily.

With RevolutionParts, you can get the eCommerce tools and resources you need to help grow your business with ease, and put those concerns to rest. 

We can help get your parts department get set up online easily with:

  • Simple integration tools for your parts catalog
  • Training tools and tips to help you learn the system quickly
  • Assistance with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  • Online marketing services to reach more customers

Bottom Line

If you want to give your dealership a leg up, it’s time to talk to your parts manager about selling parts online. Download the free guide below to learn how you can use parts eCommerce to transform your dealership in as little as six months.

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