Why Parts Digital Marketing is Essential to Black Friday Success

Close to 93 million people made online purchases during Black Friday in 2019. Black Friday weekend, including Cyber Monday, has become the most popular sales event in the U.S., and that’s due in large part to one thing; marketing. Every year, companies ramp up their digital marketing strategies to gain the most sales during Black Friday weekend. Digital marketing has become the most effective tool in online retail, and dealerships can reap those benefits. 

Why is Digital Marketing Essential?

Most consumers do their shopping online, especially during the holiday season. They spend most of their time online which means you need to grab their attention fast. Your digital marketing strategy should reflect that. 

What kinds of tools can you use as part of a digital marketing strategy?

Paid Ads – Google ads and social media ads can help you get out in front of customers fast and knowing how to target parts customers is key.

SEO – Ranking for the right keywords in search results can give you a leg up on your competitors during the holiday season.

Email Campaigns – Sending out emails to the right customers can generate excitement and engagement. It’s also a great way to win back abandoned cars, and keep customers who purchased on Black Friday coming back year-round.

These are just a few of the things that can give you a leg up in your Black Friday promotions. 

Capitalize on Auto Parts Marketing 

Not a lot of dealers focus on auto parts marketing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More often than not, vehicle sales and promos are the highlights during the holiday season at the average dealership. What about auto parts? Marketing your parts department can be tricky. There are three ways that your dealership can deal with its digital marketing, and each has its pros and cons. You can choose to handle your dealership’s marketing internally, outsource your marketing to a generic marketing agency, or you can go to a marketing agency that specializes in OEM parts marketing.

marketing services comparison chart

Our Experts Can Help You Get Your Digital Marketing Right!

As part of RevolutionParts’ eCommerce services, our team of experts can help you streamline and implement your digital marketing strategy for Black Friday. Our marketing services package can help you get set up for a fraction of the cost and keep your messaging consistent across all channels.

Our marketing services are designed to help you create effective marketing campaigns that deliver results and help you grow your parts business. 

We can help you:

    • Create digital ads
    • Set the right ad spend
    • Create email campaigns
    • Track your lead generation
    • Improve your website SEO

And much more! 

Unlike most third-party marketing agencies, we have one focus, selling auto parts. We can create the right marketing strategy to increase parts and accessories sales in your dealership. Additionally, through our OEM partner programs, we can ensure quality and consistent brand messaging that complies with your OEM program’s requirements. The best part is we do this all at a fraction of the cost! 

Bottom Line

Your Black Friday success depends on the strength of your digital marketing strategy! Don’t be left behind during the busiest sales season of the year. If you are a RevolutionParts customer, be sure to talk to your account manager about signing up for Marketing Services.

And, if you’re not already partnered with RevolutionParts and want to see how we can help you sell more parts and boost revenue, schedule a demo with one of our experts.


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