Use Same-Day Delivery to Boost Your Wholesale Business

Whether you have a healthy wholesale business or are looking to build it from the ground up, offering Same-Day Delivery can give you an advantage over your competitors.

One of the things your wholesale businesses care about the most is how quickly they can source parts. 

Suppose you are already selling online with RevolutionParts. In that case, your wholesale customers can quickly source parts from your web store using a designated customer view, meaning they get to see your online inventory at the wholesale price you’ve set for them. Your wholesale customer can even order these parts online to save time by not having to call your parts department. 

For your wholesale customers, time is money. Once they place that order, they often need that part as quickly as possible. Same-Day Delivery can help you get that part to your wholesale customer in as little as an hour.

How many times has this happened to you? 

A repair shop you’ve done business with calls up your parts department and says they need a part today. You have the part in your inventory, but you have no way of delivering it because your driver is unavailable. The best you can do is wait to deliver the part tomorrow, hopefully. Your wholesale customer isn’t happy. Their repair customers aren’t happy. You’re not happy because you know that you could potentially lose that wholesale customer to another dealership or an aftermarket competitor that can provide that part quicker. 

Having local, same-day delivery at your fingertips is crucial to keeping your wholesale customers happy. Why? Same-day delivery is fast and convenient, the two major things your wholesale customers look for.

Same-Day Delivery With RevolutionParts

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Same-Day Delivery Can Help You In Other Ways

The ease and convenience of same-day Same-Day Delivery is a selling point for your wholesale customers because it can help you ensure the shop will receive their part in as little as an hour of them submitting their order. 

For mechanical shops, time is money, and getting parts as quickly as possible is a major selling point. There are other ways same-day delivery can help you. Same-day delivery enables you to keep better track of your parts sales. 

Most part deliveries can either be delivered by a driver working for your parts department or by a shipping carrier. Most carriers can provide same-day local deliveries, but these costs can be pretty high. And, if you use a shipping carrier, waiting on updates from shipping carriers is stressful. Delays happen, package locations don’t get updated, and time frames vary (i.e., delivery expected from 9 AM – 9 PM), making it hard to track what parts get delivered and when. Same-Day Delivery updates you on parts deliveries within minutes. You’ll be able to track how far it is away from your wholesale customer’s address with the click of a button and get live updates. 

You can update your wholesale customer on their expected delivery and strengthen that relationship. The better you can communicate with your wholesale customers, the more likely they will continue doing business with you in the future.

Dealers taking advantage of Same-Day Delivery also experience:

  • Easy order scheduling
  • Increased CSI at the service level
  • Don’t have to leave the shop
  • Better communication with customers
  • Decreased fleet and shipping costs
  • Beat out the competition
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Nick Mendoza and the parts department at Crest Volvo have felt the impact of same-day Same-Day Delivery with RevolutionParts. “It was pretty straightforward. We did a couple test runs to see how Same-Day Delivery worked,” says Nick, “After the first few days, it was easy to get the hang of.”

Not only has it helped them cater to the needs of their wholesale customers, which make up close to 64% of their deliveries, but it’s also helped their own day-to-day operations. Up to 36% of their deliveries are made to their service department. 

“If a car’s down and they need to get it out, they don’t have to wait for one of our drivers to come back,” says Nick, “With Same-Day Delivery, we can get a part from another dealer just 30 minutes away and bring it back as soon as possible.”

Read about Nick Mendoza and how his parts department takes advantage of Same-Day Delivery to save $4K a month!

Get Same-Day Delivery Hassle-Free with RevolutionParts

RevolutionParts has partnered with companies like DoorDash and FedEx to help deliver parts to your local wholesale customers. Our Same-Day Delivery program is easy-to-use, comes with live tracking, and is cost-effective. If you are a RevolutionParts customer and would like to learn more about Same-Day Delivery, contact your account manager.

And, if you are not yet selling online with RevolutionParts, schedule a demo today with one of our parts eCommerce experts to learn how easy parts eCommerce can be with the RevolutionParts platform and how you can take advantage of Same-Day Delivery.

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