Your customers don’t have a neat and tidy, business-hours-only schedule of when they need new parts. “Battery failed at 9pm on a Friday? Welp, guess I’ll just sit in my SUV ‘til the parts department opens Monday morning then!” said no one.

So why does your online parts form limit when customers can buy parts from you?


Your parts form is an outdated roadblock

You know the drill – your counter employees get to work in the morning and have a lot to do, and they might not respond to overnight or weekend order inquiries right away.

Time ticks away and customer frustration mounts, all because your form forces customers to buy parts online within a precious sales window that lines up with when your employees are actually on the job. This, of course, is to say nothing of how confusing your form probably is to begin with.


When are your customers shopping online?

A whopping 42.9% of online parts orders are made between the hours of 5pm and 8am. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, buyers expect the online service counter experience to be the same at midnight as it is at noon. Their car is stalled; they don’t need their order to be stalled, too.

You know who’s always open for business? Amazon and eBay. Two-thirds of parts buyers would rather self-serve than speak to a salesperson, and your customers won’t hesitate to order from those sites in a snap, even on weekends (when over 20% of parts sales are made!).


How to clear your parts form roadblock and sell 24/7

Imagine you can flip the script and create an always-online eCommerce platform not bound by the rules of space and time (or just, you know, more convenient than your current parts form). You’d notice the following benefits:

  • Better customer retention. One bad experience is enough to drive 67% of customers away from your business. Responding to their needs immediately goes a long way toward keeping them happy.
  • Freeing up your parts counter employees. They won’t need to stay late checking emails or wasting time on the weekends if your customers can self-serve their way through the ordering process. As a bonus, employees will be able to communicate more efficiently with customers when questions do come up.
  • Selling more parts. Moving from a clunky form to a streamlined online parts catalog lets customers browse, get quotes, and shop all in one online visit.

By now you’ve probably guessed that RevolutionParts can help. Our Storefront Plugin lets you sell your complete inventory of parts 24/7 on your website, without having to build a new parts form from scratch.

Right now, your form is a roadblock that’s literally wasting your customers’ time. If you’re ready to sell around the clock, request a RevolutionParts demo and discover how the Storefront Plugin puts your customers in the driver’s seat.

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