Most dealership sites have an old-school and ineffective parts order form. Often, when these forms are submitted they land in a spam folder, losing you a potential sale and customer – and that’s assuming that it gets filled out at all.

Between keeping up with the forms, searching through spam folders, and following up with the constant emails and phone calls, your parts counter employees are swamped with busy work.

All because of the parts form.

What if there was a solution that removed the need for your employees to babysit this parts form? Imagine everything you could get done around the department…

Keep this list of 10 tasks in mind when your parts form is taking up all your staff’s time:


Providing the best customer service comes with speed. Now a back-counter person can take orders to the techs. This increases productivity and profit for both parts and service! If the parts manager or service manager watched the back counter for a week, you will find “missing hours” and “missed sales opportunities” everywhere.


As a manager, you always need to perform cycle counts. This helps give legitimate numbers of your parts inventory and can help you find issues with things such as stocking and demand. With free time, your staff can take turns doing cycle counts or perpetuals.


Special-order calls and emails can be made. While this is traditionally the service department’s job, your parts counter employees can help out, making the entire process smoother and quicker. Teamwork!


Wholesale calls. This is a perfect opportunity to help relieve incoming calls or call out to check on customers. Wholesale is an important part of growing and retaining your parts department.


With more time on their hands, your parts counter employees can receive additional training in more areas. The knowledge and insight they gain from training is priceless: wouldn’t you rather have employees be more versatile than waiting around to answer parts form emails? Consistent training makes more proactive team members.


Ecommerce! If you are not doing it, this would be a perfect time to start. It is so easy for countermen to process and pack orders. Starting the process of selling parts and accessories online is much easier when you have employees ready and willing to jump on board, and you would save on the initial investment of eCommerce staff.


As manager, you know what your counter guys do in their free time. Posting on Facebook, seeing how big of a rubber band ball they can make, searching the never-ending depths of Craigslist, checking their fantasy football rankings… the list goes on. What if those counter guys could be social media gurus who set up your own parts department social media accounts? This is a great way for customers to connect and to advertise specials!


How many days retention do you have in those warranty return bins? Exactly. This would be something great to delegate to one of your staff. Make the most of your time and keep up to date with tasks like this around the shop.


Core parts can be a challenge. Now, with your employees’ new freedom from the phone, designated staff can scour the shop for cores not turned in and help you, the manager, to send those suckers back and get the boss his money back!


One of the most overlooked duties in a parts department is cleanliness. Usually off limits to other staff due to security issues, cleaning crews (if you have them) aren’t allowed in the back. Between drivers, counter employees, and everyone else under the roof, lots of mess gets tracked through the parts department. Unplug those phones (since you won’t have to make parts order form calls!) and give them a good scrubbing.



Think you’d be able to find more things to do with all this spare time? Get rid of your parts form and discover how much you can really accomplish around the department.

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From start to finish, filling out the parts form on your dealership website is a pain. The process is time-consuming, inaccurate, and restricting for both your customer and your staff.

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The parts form that lives on your dealership website is outdated, slow and is losing you sales and customers.

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