Phoenix, Arizona (August 9, 2016) – RevolutionParts, the fastest growing automotive parts eCommerce platform, announced the launch of its new solution to help dealers list more of their parts and accessories inventory on eBay in a fraction of the time.

Dealers can now customize pricing and shipping settings from the RevolutionParts platform and list their entire inventory on eBay in just a few clicks. Filters can be set to quickly exclude parts from being listed based on seller criteria such as hazardous materials or oversized items.

RevolutionParts automatically updates listings with the latest inventory and price changes to make it easier for sellers to manage a high volume of listings. The solution also provides calculated shipping estimates so dealers can control their overall profitability with more precision.

“Since switching to the RevolutionParts eBay solution our business has increased by 6X,” said Mark Schwartz, Parts Director at David Stanley Chevrolet of Norman. “Before using RevolutionParts, we had to manually create listings that contained no fitment data. Now I simply provide RevolutionParts with the part numbers I want to sell, and the professional listings are created and live on eBay within minutes.”

Dealers can manage their eBay business directly from the RevolutionParts platform and reduce the time spent managing and training staff on multiple eCommerce systems. “We are excited to see dealers leverage our solution to easily reach 160 million loyal eBay shoppers and increase sales,” said Ibrahim Mesbah, CEO of RevolutionParts. “It’s extremely rewarding to help dealers sell more profitably and maximize their online presence in this rapidly growing parts eCommerce market.”

The eBay solution is now available for purchase and dealerships can visit to get more information.


About RevolutionParts

RevolutionParts helps automotive dealers maximize online OEM parts sales with powerful and user-friendly eCommerce solutions. The company’s focus is on making it dead simple for dealers to sell parts online and deliver a great shopping experience for their customers. RevolutionParts has scaled to $200 million in global transactions with hundreds of customers across the United States. For more information visit

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