Introducing RevolutionParts’ 12 Days of Parts-mas! As a holiday treat, we compiled our top 12 Parts Department success tools in one place. Get your copy of each to make 2020 your Parts Department’s best year yet. Happy Parts Selling!

The 1st Day of Parts-mas: How to Make an Extra $1K a Day on Part Quotes

Your Parts Department could easily be making an extra $1000 (or more) a day. Get this guide to learn how.

The 2nd Day of Parts-mas: 2020 Fixed Ops Revenue Trends

Learn how to overcome fixed ops revenue challenges in the new year. Get started by downloading the official report.

The 3rd Day of Parts-mas: Grow Your Own (Sales-Minded) Parts Advisor

Sales-minded parts advisors can add an extra $60K+ in annual revenue. Teach your Parts Team how.

The 4th Day of Parts-mas: The Parts Manager’s Guide To Beating Obsolescence

Start 2020 off right by getting your obsolete parts back in the game with this revenue-generating toolkit.

The 5th Day of Parts-mas: 5 Ways eCommerce Will Turbocharge Your Parts Department

Get to know the 5 major ways parts eCommerce allows dealerships to generate more profitable revenue.

The 6th Day of Parts-mas: What Every Parts Manager Should Know About Selling on eBay

Your Parts Department could easily be making an extra $1000 (or more) a day. Get this guide to learn how.

The 7th Day of Parts-mas:  Successfully Sell Parts on Amazon: How to Win the Buy Box

Learn how to reach millions of ready-to-buy parts shoppers and drive more revenue to the dealership.

The 8th Day of Parts-mas: The 8 Keys to Successfully Selling OEM Parts Online

If you use these 8 keys, you’re sure to have a profitable online parts business. It’s that easy!

The 9th Day of Parts-mas: The Parts Manager’s Pricing Guide to Maximize Gross Profit

This guide will show you how to sell OEM parts & accessories profitably with smart pricing strategies.

The 10th Day of Parts-mas: Turn Obsolescence into Revenue with Parts eCommerce

You could be earning more for your aging and obsolete parts! This is the only all-inclusive guide to doing it.

The 11th Day of Parts-mas: 2020 Parts Revenue Acceleration Checklist

Test drive this checklist and make sure your Parts Department is ready to drive more profitable revenue next year.

The 12th Day of Parts-mas: Pro Tips from Real Parts eCommerce Experts

Do you want to know how the most profitable online part sellers do it? Get their exclusive tips here.

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