Accelerate Your Mitsubishi Motors Parts Department

Introducing the Official MMNA National eCommerce Program, in partnership with RevolutionParts. Join us in redefining the future of automotive parts commerce with the industry-leading platform that helps you to sell more parts and accessories.

Designed to Drive Performance

Generate More Revenue

Sell across multiple channels to capture the growing online parts market.

Grow Local Business

Improve the experience for local DIY and wholesale customers.

Reduce Obsolescence

Reach niche buyers to sell aging parts and prevent future obsolescence.

Improve Operations

Save time and money by consolidating processes into a single platform.

Program Plans & Launch Promotion

Implementation Fee Waived During The First 90-Days (April 22nd - July 22nd)


Built for the parts department looking to maximize revenue growth by launching a nationwide parts brand.

Features Include:

(Everything in Base and Local +)

  • Branded Parts Web Store
  • Online Marketplace 
  • Integrations (Amazon & eBay)
  • Access to Marketing Services 


Allows parts departments to receive and process orders from the MMNA National eCommerce Store and offers enhanced delivery options.

Features Include:

  • Orders from the MMNA National eCommerce Store
  • Virtual Parts Counter (VPC)
  • Same-Day Delivery


Designed to grow local retail and wholesale operations through the dealership website and tailored solutions.

Features Include:

(Everything in Base +)

  • Dealership Website Plugin
  • Wholesale (B2B) Solutions

The Average Mitsubishi Motors Dealer Earns:

Figures are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of future results. Market conditions, consumer sentiment, and other variables can significantly impact future outcomes.

Drive More Revenue

National eCommerce Store Orders

Receive and process orders from the MMNA National eCommerce Store to increase revenue with nominal effort.

Branded Web Store (Professional)

Launch your own dealer-branded Web Store where you can set prices, run promotions, sell merchandise, and build a thriving online business.

Marketplace Integrations (Professional)

Reach even more part and accessory buyers by selling on the largest online marketplaces for automotive parts – Amazon and eBay.

Grow Local Sales

Website Plugin (Local)

Replace your existing parts order form with a fully digital shopping experience that allows customers to buy parts and accessories from your site, 24/7.

Same-Day Delivery

Ensure local orders are picked up and delivered in about an hour, improving customer satisfaction.

Wholesales (B2B) Solutions (Local)

Improve wholesale operations with custom pricing visibility, online order portals, and same-day delivery.

Improve Efficiencies

Easy Order Management

Simple and intuitive tools make the management of orders and customer communications frictionless.

Reduced Obsolescence

Identify, tag, and configure custom pricing for obsolete inventory, then instantly list those parts across multiple selling channels for niche buyers.

Smart Catalog

Automatic catalog, fitment, inventory, and pricing updates to ensure your customers can confidently find the right parts and accessories for their vehicle.

Integrated Shipping

Easily integrate with multiple shipping providers to determine the best rate and instantly print shipping labels.

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