NADA Show 2020 Recap

RevolutionParts joined hundreds of vendors and auto industry professionals at the NADA 2020 Show for 3 full days of education, networking and a little bit (a lot) of fun. One of our very own Revolutionaries hit the carpet and talked to a variety of vendors and dealers (and at least one alien). We tested the automotive knowledge of you and your peers and threw in a few curve balls to keep you on your toes. Did you make it into any of our videos? 

NADA Show Day 1

On day one we quizzed attendees on their general automotive (and astrology) knowledge.

NADA Show Day 2

On day two we became convinced that aliens walk among us.

NADA Show Day 3

On day three we learned that some of our fellow colleagues could afford to brush up on their car part knowledge. 

Joking aside, the greatest takeaway from the NADA Show was that the future will be forged by the disruptive and the forward-thinking. The automotive industry is changing and success will favor those willing to adapt! NADA 2020 Chairman Rhett Ricart agrees: “The beauty of our business is that we thrive on disruption. When you think about it, dealers make their living by confronting, understanding, and ultimately harnessing disruption.”

Here’s some trivia for you: will your dealership be a part of the disruption?
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