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No extra time or effort needed on your part. Our team is here to take that off your plate—no effort but all the rewards.

Hundreds of RP customers are seeing an average 8.9X return on ad spend. 

Account set up and reporting

Monthly marketing reports with clear and transparent  tracking. You will understand exactly what returns you are getting on marketing spend. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Complete management and optimization of Google AdWords  and/or Bing search, shopping, and remarketing campaigns. 

Abandoned cart email marketing

We will create and optimize abandoned cart saver email campaigns to recapture shoppers that added parts to their carts but never checked out.

Google Premier Partnership

Our Google-certified marketing team is dedicated to helping the parts websites we power succeed, and we’re backed by the numbers to prove it.

After you submit this form, you will get on a call with a  RevolutionParts digital marketing specialist for your consultation.

“I’ve had a surprisingly high number of repeat sales from the same customers. I didn’t think we’d build this much customer loyalty so quickly, but we have.”

-Al, Parts Manager at Nissan Village

What about cost?

We view this as a partnership and want to be aligned with you around the goal of increasing your sales as much as possible. Our pricing reflects this mentality and incentivizes us to drive real revenue growth for you.


Our monthly pricing will be just 3% of total gross monthly online sales or $300, whichever is greater. The percent of sales fee is capped at $150,000 in monthly online sales and you will not pay a percent of any sales that go higher.


These fees do not include ad spend so if you wanted to spend $1000 advertising on AdWords, for example, your cost would be $1000 paid directly to Google. Minimum ad spend required is $1000. No contract, cancel anytime.


or 3% of online sales

whichever is greater.

$300 One-time
set-up fee

No contracts,

cancel anytime.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is NOT included in RevolutionParts fees?

The setup fee and subscription charges cover all labor to set up, optimize, and manage marketing for you. However, just as service lane customers must pay for both parts and labor, you will also be responsible for hard marketing costs (such as your ad spend budget) in addition to labor.

The hard marketing costs that are not included in the setup fee or base subscription charge include but are not limited to:

  • Ad spend budget 
  • Email marketing software (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc) 

What should my ad spend budget be?

We require a minimum monthly ad spend of $1000/month. With less than $1000, your ad budget would be spread so thin that you wouldn’t see an impactful increase in sales.

We recommend starting with an ad budget of $1,000 and increasing from there as you see returns. Since you can expect at least a 7:1 ratio of sales to ad spend, we suggest setting your ad spend budget based on your sales goals.

For example, if you want an extra $12,000 in sales, then set a budget of $2,000. The ratio varies by brand and dealer. Some dealers see a ratio as high as 13:1!

What are the setup fees for?

Our marketing team works very hard to launch your accounts, set up proper reporting, and kick off your marketing with brand new ad campaigns!

Since we charge low monthly subscription costs and do not require a contract, the one-time $300 setup fee helps us cover all initial labor costs for getting started.

How is the percent of sales charge calculated?

The 3% of sales that we charge is calculated based on total sales of all completed orders.

How much will my sales increase by using your marketing services?

We typically see customers get $7 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising but this varies by dealer depending on your pricing and brand.

You will also see an increase in sales from organic traffic which you do not have to pay advertising for to gain. We only get paid more if you make more so we will do our best to increase your sales.

Can you pay Google for me and add that expense to my invoice?

No. You will be required to add your credit card in Google AdWords and pay Google directly for ad spend.

We’re already generating a high volume of sales each month, will you take a percent of that?

No. We will create a baseline according to your average sales for the past 3-6 months, and only charge for sales above that baseline.

For example, if you averaged about $10,000/month before signing up, and $50,000/month after our marketing team takes over, then you will only be charged 3% of $40,000 OR $300; whichever is greater. In this case, you would pay us 3% of $40,000, which is $1200.

Do I have to pay $300 each month in addition to 3% of sales?

No! We will invoice you for 3% of sales OR $300, whichever is greater.

If you’re just started out with little to no sales, it might take a few weeks to set up and optimize your accounts and get results we’re all happy with. We need to set a $300 minimum management cost so we’re fairly compensated for all the hours of labor we put into that ramp-up period.

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