What do you do when you want to order a pizza? You sit down at your computer, create your virtual pizza and hit “Place Your Order.” For the next 30 – 45 minutes you can watch real-time updates for your pizza’s journey to your doorstep. What do you do if you need a ride? You grab your phone, open an app, enter your destination, and hit “Confirm.” At that moment, you get an ultra-accurate ETA and watch your driver make his way to you on your phone screen. 

Now apply that concept to your local wholesale customers.

When a local mechanic or neighboring dealership has a car on a lift in their service drive and they’re missing a part needed to complete a repair, time and convenience is of the utmost importance. Need it now is an understatement. Can you deliver that part in as little as an hour every single time? 

Service departments are the profit centers of dealerships, with skilled technicians raking in about $1,000 in profit, so you know why it’s important to move as many cars through the service drive as possible. That’s why local mechanics and neighboring dealerships often choose to settle for aftermarket parts when they’re in a pinch. Places like Pep Boys, Autozone, or O’Reilly’s can offer a level of speed and convenience that keeps the service drive churning vehicles.

Make local parts delivery as easy as ordering a pizza.

As a dealer, you simply can’t compete with that service level unless you find a better way to deliver parts locally. Luckily, you have a decisive advantage. You can offer accuracy, high quality parts, and great advice to your local wholesale customers. If you can create an experience where local customers can get all of those benefits plus a delivery option that is as easy and quick as ordering pizza or a ride, you will change the game forever.
The concept applies to your own dealership as well. One of your biggest priorities is churning the cars in your service drive quickly. Not having the parts you need on hand can impede success, cost you money, and create dissatisfied customers. That’s why you need a local parts delivery method that allows you to source parts quickly from other dealerships.

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