Getting a shopper to your parts web store is one thing, but how can you make the most out of their visit? As a parts expert, you probably know about all the nuts and bolts your shopper will need to complete an installation. Chances are, the average DIY auto part buyer doesn’t. They won’t realize they’re missing a piece until they’re already elbows deep in their vehicle.

The solution: Sell pre-made AUTO PART KITS.

Kits and bundles not only help your shopper leave the store with everything they need, but also increase your overall order value. It may even make your sale more profitable, since you can put multiple things into one box and get more bang for your shipping dollars.Here are a few auto part kits you can set up on your web store:

1. Holiday/seasonal bundles

Take a few moments to think of “themed” bundles. If you’re keeping track of which parts sell during certain parts of the year, you can lean on that data to make themed kits.Winter Bundle: When winter’s right around the corner, you’ll probably see an uptick in winter-related gear. Why not bundle a “winter driving kit” for shoppers who live in the snow? Include all the basics a car will need to drive safely through ice and snow.Christmas Bundle: The Reindeer horn and red nose for a car is cheesy, but some people eat that kind of cheese right up! If you sell those accessories at your dealership, try bundling them with other snow accessories to fit the winter spirit.

Summer Vacation Bundle: On a similar note, you can create some kind of “summer vacation kit” so buyers can prep their vehicle for the summer getaway:

  • Camping trip bundle: What do you need for a week in the great outdoors? Roof racks, floor mats, mud flaps… and maybe a pack of jumbo marshmallows for s’mores?
  • Road trip bundle: What are the basics of a vehicle check-up before you drive out on a long road trip? Include a family pack of Twizzlers!

2. Related item bundle

Don’t restrict yourself to just OEM parts and accessories! RevolutionParts lets you add customer products and sell flexibly, so you can really make it fun for shoppers.For example, how about bundling roof racks with a 3-pack of bungee cords? Unless they have bungee cords at home, it’s something they NEED in order to safely strap things to their car. This makes the purchase more convenient for them!

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3. Installation kits

Make it as easy as possible for your DIY customers by creating a complete installation kit.Instead of having them research all the individual pieces of a certain project, why not bundle it? When they order in a bundle, it guarantees that they’ll buy each part for the project from YOU. You can choose to offer a small discount in exchange for them buying all the parts as a bundle, or not. Just by bundling the kit, you’ve offered convenience. It’s beneficial to you, too. Mailing out individual screws and bolts can be such a hassle for such a small and inexpensive part. By bundling those little pieces with the rest, you don’t have to package each little piece in its own envelope.


Building kits and bundles bring in a lot of financial benefit to your web store—like saving on shipping and getting more sales out of a single transaction.But more than that, they offer an overall more enjoyable experience for your customers! Shoppers appreciate a bit of fun, and it gives your web store a unique and personal touch.