ROCK HILL, S.C., Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Insignia Group LC, the industry leader for accessory sales process consulting and configurator software, just announced a partnership with RevolutionParts, the fastest growing parts and accessories eCommerce solution for auto dealerships. This partnership will make it even easier for dealerships to grow accessories sales by improving the customer experience both online and offline.

Insignia’s automotive accessory selling software is a powerful tool for growing accessory sales at the dealership by allowing customers to preview accessories on their vehicle for a personalized shopping experience. With this partnership, dealerships will now also be able to easily sell accessories online after the car sale is made.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Insignia,” says Ibrahim Mesbah, CEO and co-founder of RevolutionParts. “This partnership is the perfect answer to providing automotive shoppers an unbeatable experience, whether they’re online or in-store. Dealerships will be able to sell accessories with more ease and profitability than ever before.”

“We’re thrilled about this opportunity with RevolutionParts,” says David Stringer, President of Insignia. “Our dealers frequently ask us for an eCommerce solution and now we have a great partner to recommend them to. With the improved ability to sell everywhere, our dealers will be able to increase accessory sales across the board, both online and offline.”

About Insignia Group
Insignia Group is the innovator and industry leader of accessory sales process consulting and configurator software. Insignia drives exceptional Vehicle Personalization sales training, configurator software, continual leadership, and process improvement to the automotive industry. These core deliverables improve the customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, reduce sales staff turnover, and maximize profits. Insignia currently supports eighteen vehicle brands, and serves dealerships nationwide. Insignia’s software solution manages the fulfillment of nearly $85,000,000 in accessory sales transactions annually. For more information, visit

About RevolutionParts
RevolutionParts helps automotive dealers maximize online OEM parts sales with powerful and user-friendly eCommerce solutions. The company’s focus is on making it dead simple for dealers to sell parts online and deliver a great shopping experience for their customers. Web stores powered by the RevolutionParts platform receive more than 60 million unique visitors annually and the platform has powered over $300 million in global parts and accessories sales for dealerships.” For more information visit

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