Buyer confidence is essential when it comes to securing sales online. Customers don’t like dealing with returns any more than you do, and the best way to avoid that is by making sure they get the part they need the first time they purchase.

You can help customers find the right part by being easy to reach to answer their questions and providing enough information on the product page. But you can also improve their confidence by letting them read the reviews of their fellow shoppers.

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There are different types of feedback customers can write up, and both are helpful in their own way:

Reviews for products

This is feedback about a specific part or accessory. Customers will often comment on things such as the item’s quality and ease of use. These are especially useful for customers buying vehicle accessories, since they will be concerned with how the product looks, how well the color matches their vehicle, and so on.

When moderating reviews, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the review is negative or positive. Negative reviews can be a good thing, since it can save time and returns—for you and your customer.

It’s better for other customers to read the review and realize it’s not what they need right away. Otherwise, they go through the trouble of buying it, realizing they don’t like it, getting upset, and returning it.

Reviews for your parts website

This is feedback about your customer service. With RevolutionParts, you can turn on the “testimonials” feature for your website. Happy customers can leave reviews about your quick shipping or helpful customer service.

It’s not guaranteed that all your testimonials will be positive—sometimes, you’ll get complaints. Some of these complaints may be justified. If you didn’t quickly respond to emails and phone calls or if it took you days to send out the customer’s order, then they’re allowed to be upset.

If you handle these justified complaints the right way, it can be a wonderful learning experience for you and your parts team.

Ways to Get Reviews:

1. Send a follow-up email.

The easiest way to get a review is to ask for one. Email your customer a few days after they receive their part.

Just make sure to get the timing right. Don’t send the email immediately after fulfilling the order. They haven’t even received their purchase yet!

You also don’t want to ask for a review only a day or two after they receive the item. They haven’t had much time to test it out yet, or maybe haven’t even installed it yet. So soon after receiving it, they might not have strong enough feelings to get online and review their purchase.

2. Include a packaging insert with each shipment

A physical reminder (like a packaging insert) can let customers know that their feedback is important.

Packaging inserts can be as simple as a half sheet of paper. Type it up once, print out a stack, and have the pile ready by your shipping area. This sheet of paper can serve more than one purpose, too. For example, you can use it as a marketing tool to ask for a review while also offering a promo coupon code for 5% off the next order.

Try a message like this:

  • How was our service? We’d love to hear from you! <insert link to write website testimonials>
  • Enjoy your purchase? Tell others what you think about this product at <insert link to write product reviews>

3. Offer an incentive

Next time you order fast food, look at the back or the bottom of your receipt. Often, you’ll see an offer: “Give us your feedback and you’ll get a free entrée with purchase of a second entrée.”

The offer varies, of course. Sometimes you get a free cookie or a free drink. If something is completely free, it will be small and inexpensive for the restaurant to provide. Larger gifts, like a free entrée, will have a small requirement: “free with purchase of _____”

You can do this same type of offer in your parts website. Tell customers that if they give some feedback about the item(s) they bought, they will get a promo code for 10% off their next order.

Besides a discount, here are other incentives you could offer:

One effective tactic is to have a “standard” reward for feedback, like a simple promo code for 10% off or free shipping. However, customers who write a high-quality review (250+ words, includes a picture, etc) will receive something of higher value.

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Additional Tips:

  • It can look suspicious if every single review is 5 stars, so only delete reviews if they have nothing constructive to comment on. Customers like to see a healthy mix of 3, 4, and 5-star reviews.
  • If a customer is unhappy, take the negative review as an opportunity to learn and make improvements. When multiple customers complain about slow shipping, then that’s a good indication that something in your shipping system needs to be improved.
  • Never create fake reviews! It’s dishonest, and your smarter customers can usually tell that the review isn’t authentic. Fake reviews can destroy your site’s reputation.

People like sharing their thoughts. When you invite them to leave feedback, you’re letting them know that their voice is important to you. Companies have already seen that feedback can lead to increased customer loyalty, which goes on to increase total revenue.

Plus, reviews can be a powerful way to improve buyer confidence and convince new customers to complete their purchase. Some shoppers hesitate to buy parts online because they’re worried about it not living up to their expectations. Reviews can scrape those worries away!