Like most businesses, dealerships aren’t immune to the effects of a suffering economy. If your parts department is hurting right now, it’s not because customers don’t need auto parts. As long as there are cars and auto enthusiasts in the world, there will always be a market for OEM parts and accessories. However, what has changed is how your customers access the parts they’re looking for.

In this DrivingSales webinar, Andreas Ronneseth of RevolutionParts and Ted Fellowes of Fellowes Research Group discuss how parts eCommerce will help your dealership in a down economy. Expanding into online selling channels using RevolutionParts will allow your parts department to:

  1. Adapt to new customer expectations and meet them where they’re shopping
  2. Generate extra revenue for your parts department
  3. Steal back market share from non-OEM competitors
  4. Deliver parts efficiently to satisfy wholesale customers
  5. Take advantage of downtime at your dealership

While there may be less traffic at your parts counter, the online market for auto parts is still going strong. Start getting your share of the revenue by requesting a demo today!

Request a demo of THE #1 WAY FOR NEW CAR DEALERS TO SELL PARTS & Accessories ONLINE

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