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Walker Automotive Group Launches an Online Parts Business in Under Two Weeks, Generates $150K Revenue in the First Year

When you’ve been at the top of the game for as long as Sabrina Bordelon has, you know how to spot a trend. For over 22 years, Sabrina has been the Parts Director at Walker Automotive Group in Alexandria, and she hasn’t stopped seeking new solutions to grow her business. That’s why at the end of 2018, she launched a parts eCommerce business for the dealer group.

Sabrina kicked Walker Automotive’s parts and accessories sales efforts into overdrive as soon as she adopted the RevolutionParts Dealer Site Plug-In for her group of dealers. She’s now able to offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service through Walker’s existing dealer site.

Walker Automotive Revenue Goals – Year One






Easy to Launch, Easy to Use

RevolutionParts lets Sabrina take control of her customers’ eCommerce experience with a standalone parts and accessories web store. The platform offers her the ability to sell an entire catalog online, set shipment and order criteria, and integrate with shipping platforms all through an interface that employees across six locations can easily use. 

One of the major draws for Sabrina was RevolutionParts’ ease of use—and that extends to the onboarding and launch process. Walker Automotive decided to partner with RevolutionParts in late November of 2018 and received their first online order in less than two weeks.

They knew it was time to level up their parts department, and RevolutionParts helped them do it with online support, learning resources, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager giving them all the direction and proven recommendations along the way. By the end of Sabrina’s first year of selling online with RevolutionParts, she generated over $150K in sales, more than doubling her initial goal of $60k.

Leveling Up the Customer Experience

Since providing her customers with a digital shopping platform, Sabrina has observed an increase in customer loyalty to Walker Automotive’s parts business. “We’re seeing more repeat customers as time goes on. We have customers with 2, 3, and 4 orders,” she says, “It’s nice to see that customers are coming back.” Sabrina reports that she receives an average of 20 – 30 online parts orders a day. 

Creating New Jobs During the COVID Pandemic

Walker Automotive, like any dealer group, had to deal with some curveballs during 2020. Between the global pandemic, presidential election, and natural disasters, business as usual was far out of reach—but dealers like Walker Automotive, backed by the power of online selling, were able to get through an unpredictable year with grace. 

“The hurricanes and winter storm impacted the business. FedEx, UPS, and the Post Office all took a hit which affected our ability to serve customers quickly.” Sabrina says, “as far as Covid goes, it didn’t affect our online business. We have seen growth in our parts department, added five staff members, and avoided lay-offs.” Sabrina may have missed her 2020 revenue goal due to supply chain issues, but she still saw a 20% increase in revenue over the previous year. 

Sabrina employed RevolutionParts tools to let her online customers know that some shipments may be delayed during the pandemic, which she believes helped manage customer expectations and maintain loyalty. “The webpage banners were an easy way to get the message across to the customers during Covid-19,” she says, “it alleviated a lot of potential issues—people knew what to expect when making a purchase.”

Walker Automotive Revenue Growth 2020-2021




2021 (projected)

The Horizon Looks Profitable

After smashing her first-year goal, Sabrina had a more aggressive plan for 2020 and continued to increase sales, despite the challenges of the pandemic. “We landed around $220k, which was great given the circumstances,” she says.

Her online business isn’t the only thing that’s thriving in Sabrina’s parts department. “Our wholesale business is doing very well—we just purchased a warehouse so we can store all our deliveries in one location, which will also help us with the online ordering,” she reveals. Sabrina has powered a 40% growth rate YoY in her online parts business

Walker Automotive customers are spread out all over the country, and that’s all thanks to Sabrina Bordelon’s drive (and a little help from RevolutionParts). “We’re hoping to see at least a 20% increase every year,” says Sabrina.

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