Priority Mazda Tysons

Thomas Grimes of Priority Mazda Tysons used RevolutionParts to find his secret sauce, propelling his parts and accessories business to the next level.

“I needed a simple solution that did not involve creating every single part number that I wanted to sell online. I visited RevolutionParts’ website and decided to give it a try,”

— Thomas Grimes, Web Order Specialist of Priority Mazda Tysons

Thomas Grimes knows how to sell car parts. Out of a magazine? Check. Over the counter? Of course. Online through various eCommerce sites and platforms? Without a question. Despite his extensive experience selling parts, Thomas knew he needed help boosting his parts & accessories business to the next level. This is what led him to eCommerce.

“I needed a simple solution that did not involve creating every single part number that I wanted to sell online.  I visited RevolutionParts’ website and decided to give it a try,” says Thomas.

Advertising, Marketing, and Selling Online

“Effective advertising is essential to selling parts & accessories online, but knowing where your customer base is and targeting them with the right style of advertising can help you dial it in.”

As someone who knows the importance of marketing to drive sales, Thomas found that mixing his extensive background with RevolutionPart’s marketing expertise created the secret sauce that propelled him to achieve his revenue goals.

“The marketing and advertising strategy I have incorporated has been from years of trial and error. I have learned to engage my customer, listen, and be a resource for them,” says Thomas when asked about his online sales strategy.

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Thomas knows great marketing incorporates a personal touch: “I have maintained my customer base throughout the years, as well as gained new customers, and I stay engaged through email blasts. I participate in forum conversations to answer parts & accessories questions, as well as participate in banner advertising. I had no previous experience in paid AdWords marketing, but the ROI with RevolutionParts is paying off.”

Maximizing sales and keeping the customer happy 

The customer experience is what keeps people coming back to Thomas and Priority Mazda Tysons for their OEM parts & accessories needs. One of the biggest and most obvious turn-offs on a dealer site is the parts form. You know the thing: a long form that customers can’t seem to fill out accurately. That’s why Thomas has done away with it completely. “I never believed in the useless parts form,” Thomas says.

Thomas’ Remedies for Common Customer Headaches:
  • “I can’t find a trustworthy source for OEM parts in my area.”
    By engaging with potential parts buyers in forums, Thomas positions himself as not only an industry expert, but a reliable voice in the community.
  • “My orders take forever to process and I hate filling out a parts order form.”
    Partnering with RevolutionParts has greatly improved the order processing system for Thomas and his dealership by not forcing customers to use the outdated parts form.
  • “It feels like I’m being advertised to by a faceless corporation!”
    Thomas knows not to bombard his local customers with parts and accessories that aren’t relevant to them. Commonly, dealerships will use the wrong form of advertising in an attempt to just get their name out there. Each dealership has its own secret sauce;

Why RevolutionParts?

Just as Thomas believes in the power of customer service, he values the personal touch RevolutionParts brings to the table. “The tech support alone is reason enough.  I can send an email with an issue and have it resolved the same day, or for non-emergencies within 48 hours.”

It’s time to get your own parts inventory online. Sign up for a quick demo of RevolutionParts and find out how it’s the ultimate platform to help replace your parts form and get more money in your pocket.

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