Premier Kia Of Branford CT

Premier Kia of Branford Doubles Monthly Parts Department Revenue in One Year

“RevolutionParts lets you sell to a whole new market, and they run marketing campaigns to get you the best results possible in your target market. Support is always there to help, too.”

— Gregory Mclaughlin, Parts Manager Premier Kia Of Branford CT

Greg Mclaughlin, Parts Manager at Premier Kia of Branford isn’t satisfied with anything less than the best. When he decided he was ready to break into eCommerce it was no different. He knew what he wanted to accomplish wasn’t going to be easy, so he made the decision to partner with RevolutionParts

“Having the best internet parts store was always our main goal. The second goal was always to sell more than we did the month before.”

And Greg and his team did just that. In one year, Premier Kia of Branford doubled their average monthly revenue by selling parts and accessories online through RevolutionParts.

Turning to Ecommerce to Make More Money

Greg started at Premier Kia by filling out a job application for a parts counter position. Working his way up to Parts Manager, Greg realized that putting inventory online was going to be the easiest and quickest way to boost revenue for his department and dealership.

Wanting to make more money through sales is nothing new, and Greg realized how much revenue the dealership was missing out on by not selling inventory online. He had experience with selling auto parts and accessories on sites like eBay and Amazon, but Greg wanted something different.

Revolutionizing Customer Service

“We wanted to have our own site that was tailored to customers’ needs, so we joined RevolutionParts,” Greg explains.

Customer experience is an important pillar of service to both Greg and Premier Kia, so having the option to take digital notes inside an order has helped them keep their customers happy. Additionally, the convenience of having all customer information together makes everyone in the Parts Department’s lives much easier.

“We can make notes on anything that happens with the order, from phone calls to the DMS order number for easier lookup. The tracking number is there; it’s all in one place,” says Greg.

“A woman who has returned to our site multiple times, and tells others to use it too, even left us a dealer rater review! Every time we pull together a quote for her, from what her mechanic tells us, we know exactly what she’s looking for and we get everything together quickly for her, she orders it, and we get it out within a day or two. She’ll often call right back just to say thank you.”

A More Focused Approach

The decision to start selling parts department inventory online resulted in more revenue than ever for Greg and the Premier Kia of Branford Parts Department. This was possible through focusing on expert customer service and small details, like returns policies. Keeping everything running smoothly ensures that the customer is always satisfied, and the experience is consistent. Greg refined his process further by selling parts and accessories on RevolutionParts.

“[RevolutionParts] changed the way we handle returns and exchanges.We have to pay close attention to the items that people return and what circumstances allow returns or not.”

Building Lasting Trust

Committing more time and effort to an online parts store is a large undertaking, but by recognizing the benefits, Greg created an all-new revenue channel for his dealership. Of course, creating a new way to make money is worthless if the process isn’t trustworthy.

“The site has all the information you need and more. [The platform] is easy to use and it integrates with your shipping program easily. Also, RevolutionParts alerts you to any suspicious orders,”

Fraud is a huge factor in eCommerce. Anyone can buy anything online (or pretend to be someone they’re not), but with RevolutionParts, each customer is assigned a “risk” level. Greg feels confident and safe selling with RevolutionParts because he has access to customer support, tech support, and a wide range of anti-fraud options.

Why use RevolutionParts to Sell Your Parts Department Inventory?

Greg is confident in his decision to drive more revenue to his dealership by partnering with RevolutionParts.

“RevolutionParts lets you sell to a whole new market, and they run marketing campaigns to get you the best results possible in your target market. Support is always there to help, too.”

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