Germain BMW of Naples

After facing the challenge of seasonal sales decline, David Simoes knew he needed to expand his parts and accessories business beyond Florida.

The Challenge:
Seasonal sales decline put a squeeze on Parts Department revenue

The Parts Department of Germain BMW of Naples is not exempt from the sting of a seasonal decrease in parts sales. As the Parts eCommerce Manager at Germain BMW of Naples, David Simoes realized they needed a way to beat the occasional slumps. He knew selling online was the answer to beefing up Parts Department revenue, so he began his search for the best eCommerce platform by scoping out competitor web stores.

“Other BMW Dealerships were using the RevolutionParts platform. Their websites looked great and organized and parts were easy to find,” David says. “So we went with RevolutionParts.”

The Solution:
Launching a Parts eCommerce store made up for lost revenue and helped Germain BMW of Naples achieve a record month in part sales

Since launching a RevolutionParts web store, David has seen nothing but good results. “Starting this online store has helped us increase numbers in sales and extend our reach outside of Florida,” says David. By selling online, the Parts Department was able to recover from the slower months of the year and then some. “We were able to get our numbers where they need to be at,” he says. Aside from the obvious revenue benefits, adding RevolutionParts software to the Parts Department has helped streamline processes, cut down on the time-consuming busywork, and create a more organized environment. These factors have contributed to Germain BMW of Naples hitting a “record month in parts sales” in just under 6 months of selling online, according to David. Needless to say, everyone at the Dealership is happy to have made the transition to selling online.

“RevolutionParts platform has helped us to order more and move more parts, ultimately increasing sales,” David remarks, looking forward to a bright future for Germain BMW of Naples’ online parts business.

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