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Jamaine Knight and Robert Lasdon of Delray Acura & Hyundai Add Over $460K to the Parts Department in Q1 2019

“RevolutionParts has an excellent staff of people who know what they are doing and will help you get things done, This is a huge win for everyone!”

— Robert Lasdon, Internet Parts Director of Delray Acura & Hyundai

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well,” Robert Lasdon quotes Phillip Stanhope—but more importantly, his aunt— when asked about the work ethic he brings to his role as Internet Parts Director of Delray Acura & Hyundai. We couldn’t agree more with Robert’s attitude toward success. This is one of the cornerstones that has made his partnership with RevolutionParts such a fruitful one. He’s valiantly come face-to-face with hardship, challenges, and success, always maintaining a problem solver’s wit and tenacity for creating new revenue channels.

Robert Lasdon shows up every day wanting to do the best he can for the dealership, his customers, and his employees. Having been knee-deep in the auto parts industry for 20 years, he’s gotten really good at striking the right balance. One of Robert’s great qualities is that he leads people toward personal success: “I try to make things less stressful so the people under me can be successful.” He understands that the machine is only as strong as its components.

Robert uses RevolutionParts’ eCommerce solutions to add to the success of Delray Acura & Hyundai’s Parts Department (where Jamaine Knight is the Parts Manager). “The RevolutionParts system is pretty down-to-earth. It allows me to reach customers more easily with canned messages to let them know shipping and tracking information. The ability to change the order and the pricing when necessary are great features, too. It’s very, very versatile in what it can do,” he says. With updated processes like these, Robert is empowered to bring a strong new revenue stream to Jamaine’s parts business.

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One of Robert’s initial reservations with getting online was fraudulent orders which are costly for the Parts Department. RevolutionParts fraud score allows him to easily detect when an order seems fishy. For example, if a customer’s shipping address, billing address, and IP address are three different locations, he knows that it’s probably smart to cancel the order. “I would rather sell $20 to a good customers than $2000 to a bad customer knowing that if its fraud later, not only does that customer get to keep the parts, he gets his $2000 back,” Robert says, “If it goes through PayPal express we know we’re good because even if the order is fraud, they cover us and we don’t lose anything.” RevolutionParts’ fraud score protects Robert from fraud while empowering him to honor his good customers.

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Robert had a lot of success meeting sales goals for both his Acura and Hyundai web stores over the course of his partnership with RevolutionParts. In September 2018, his sales temporarily dipped—Robert went from bringing in six-figures a month in online Hyundai part sales alone to only 60-70% of that. It was clear something needed to be fixed. Robert was able to reach out to his personal Customer Success Manager and Marketing Agency Professional to diagnose the problem quickly and make changes to his account to get his web store back on track. Now Robert is making even more money from his Hyundai web store than he was before sales had dipped! “RevolutionParts has an excellent staff of people who know what they are doing and will help you get things done,” Robert says. “This is a huge win for everyone.”

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Robert finds success with his go-getter attitude, problem-solving skills, and ecommerce tools. He is empowered to generate more orders than ever before and offer a next-level experience for his customers: “RevolutionParts gets it done the right way for your customers, your business, and your bosses so that they’re seeing the revenue and the profits rise.”

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