Colonial Dodge

Justin Teixeira of Colonial Dodge expands his Parts Department past his small town in Massachusetts to reach a nationwide audience and watch the part sales roll in.

“RevolutionParts is a really good team—any issue I have, no matter how big or small, is addressed right away. They’re quick to come up with solutions when things fall off track.”

— Justin Teixeira, Parts Manager Of Colonial Dodge

Colonial Dodge has been selling parts online with RevolutionParts for six years. Justin Teixeira, the Parts Manager, says one of the greatest achievements in that time is the Parts Department’s nationwide visibility. “Our customer base is a small town in the middle of Massachusetts but since we started selling online, we get people calling every day from all over the United States,” says Justin.  “Before we started, we had a really small presence but using Facebook, Instagram, and paid advertising with RevolutionParts, we’re selling to parts shoppers from across the country.”

Like many other dealers, Colonial Dodge had tried other eCommerce platforms that failed. With RevolutionParts, if Justin has any questions or concerns regarding strategy, he can get answers quickly. “RevolutionParts is a really good team—any issue I have, no matter how big or small, is addressed right away,” says Justin. “They’re quick to come up with solutions when things fall off track.” Justin loves that he can depend on his Customer Success professional and dedicated Marketing Specialist to reach out when they see opportunities to improve his return on investment. “RevolutionParts has a special team in place to make sure we’re capitalizing on the market. They will do that without us having to reach out.” RevolutionParts strives to take care of the techie stuff so Justin has the peace of mind to focus on growing his Parts Department.

It takes time to find the perfect balance between parts pricing and shipping price but with patience, Justin and RevolutionParts have worked together to find the Colonial Dodge Parts Department’s secret sauce. “There are all sorts of magic that goes into finding the right pricing and shipping and RevolutionParts helped narrow it down to a point that gets our customers consistently buying,” says Justin. “I’ll often get back from lunch and click to my order page to see four more orders. $400, $456, $83, and $342 are sitting in there now. We wouldn’t have those if it weren’t for RevolutionParts.”

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Since Justin took over the Parts Department a few years ago, he has seen tremendous success. “It just seems to keep growing and what’s great is it’s not just revenue from part sales,” says Justin. “We get rewarded double that in manufacturer incentives from our purchasing amounts. The online part sales work for us in many different ways.”

Interested in learning more about how Justin Teixeira brings success to the Colonial Dodge Parts Department? Request a demo with RevolutionParts to see how you can add an extra 5+ figures to your Parts Department.

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