Classic Chevrolet Sugarland

Joey Marfin, Parts Business Development Manager of CCS, is on track to blow past sales goals in his first year of selling parts online.

“I think the neatest part of it was the marketing. We let RevolutionParts’ marketing team run with it and that has the biggest difference. Our business probably grew 75% due to that — if not more. It really boosted sales.”

— Joey Marfin, Parts Business Development Manager of CCS


Eight months ago, Classic Chevrolet Sugarland (CCS) set out to create an online parts store to increase profits and reduce obsolescence in their parts department. Their goal for the first year was to hit $300k in profits — a goal they believe they’d actually hit.


As the Parts Business Development Manager at CCS, it was Joey Marfin’s responsibility to lead this project and create a successful eCommerce solution to sell auto parts & accessories online. With 38 years of automotive experience under his belt, Marfin’s extensive knowledge and valuable connections within the automotive industry proved to be advantageous to the project’s goals.

Before getting started, Marfin reached out to some of his dealership connections for advice on how they ran their own successful eCommerce part stores — and everyone recommended RevolutionParts. “After speaking with RevolutionParts and going through the demonstration, we decided [their platform] would be a good fit for our business model” Marfin explains.


Not even one year after their website launch date, the results of CCS’s partnership with RevolutionParts have substantiated Marfin’s colleague’s claims: their eCommerce store has brought in $240,000 in sales – in just 8 months. That’s an average of $30,000 per month!

Marfin credits the majority of this success to RevolutionParts and the Google Ads they helped create. “I think the neatest part of it was the marketing. I’m not a marketing guy,” he says, adding “we let RevolutionParts’ marketing team run with it and that has the biggest difference. Our business probably grew 75% due to that — if not more. It really boosted sales.”

Needless to say, both Marfin’s boss and the manufacturers are very pleased with the shop’s performance. Although they worried their original goal of 300k in sales would be unattainable — now, they’re on track to surpass it.

For Marfin, the shop’s success heightens his motivation to raise the bar on sales objectives, making him wonder “how far can this actually go?” He explains that CCS’s online store “hit a metric we wanted to hit…easier than we thought we would. So, what’s going to be our next goal? Are we going to shoot for $600k?”

Looking Forward:

In the future, Marfin knows that in order to continue his rapid growth rate of 30-50%, they’ll need to invest in the expansions to support it. CCS is planning to add a new warehouse, more drivers, and employees to manage shipping and order management.

Marfin plans to continue using RevolutionParts to facilitate that growth, and expects his two favorite features to make that process simpler: custom reports and stellar customer support.

“[The reports] are just cut-and-dry reports that make it a lot easier when doing a presentation,” Marfin says, explaining that he appreciates the ability to quickly access the right information when meeting with the accounting department or dealer principal.

Further, when Marfin has a concern or new idea he’s curious about, he trusts that he can always depend on the RevolutionParts support team, saying “any time, I can call and get support from RevolutionParts, for anything from a fraudulent charge concern…to [ideas to improve] shipping. Just really fantastic support there.”

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