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Dan Pelissero of Autohaus Parts Delivered sells $88K in parts online every month.

“You have to be open-minded and willing to try new things outside of counter selling… selling online is a different animal and that’s where the business is.”

Dan Pelissero, Parts Manager of Autohaus Parts Delivered, has laser precision with the changing automotive industry, which has given him the wisdom to adapt to the needs of modern shoppers. That’s why he made the decision to start selling parts online. “You can Google any part you want today and find it online,” he says. “Then we noticed even dealers were selling online, so we knew there was a market for it.” Dan didn’t hesitate when he saw his opportunity: “When I started as the parts manager at Mercedes-Benz of Peoria, I knew we had to get online.”

As of July 2020, Dan has been selling parts online for Autohaus Parts Delivered for over a year, and the sky’s the limit. “Last month we brought in $88K in online part sales alone.”

Autohaus Parts Delivered Parts eCommerce Sales Performance (July 2019 – July 2020)




At his previous dealership, Dan was working with SimplePart but their platform and customer service just didn’t make the cut. Dan likes to be in the driver’s seat of his parts business and SimplePart simply didn’t allow him to customize parts listings on his own—he had to call them for assistance every time he wanted to edit or add a promo to his site. When these issues finally cost him a huge client, he knew it was time to look for a better solution. “I wanted to completely remake our online business,” says Dan. “That’s when I found RevolutionParts, and we’ve been off to the races ever since!”

What made Dan choose RevolutionParts? For one, during his research he noticed that the top dealership part sites were all powered by RevolutionParts. Now over 12 months into his partnership with RevolutionParts, Dan is convinced he made the right choice. “We’re seeing a lot of repeat customers, we’re getting orders from all over the country, and we’re constantly growing,” Dan raves.

Dan’s secret is diligence. “I believe the big key to success is to not let the program run on autopilot—you have to be open-minded and willing to try new things outside of counter selling,” he says, “selling online is a different animal and that’s where the business is.”

One of Dan’s favorite RevolutionParts features is the in-house marketing services. His dedicated marketing services expert, Caroline, helps him secure a competitive edge and target customers outside of his local area. That way he’s able to protect the margins of his brick-and-mortar business while selling a larger volume of parts than ever before. “Caroline is very receptive to my ideas and she helps us try new ways to grow sales,” Dan says.

Dan’s GM is thrilled to see this new revenue stream added to the dealership, but he’s not the only one… “The manufacturers are on board with it, so you know there’s huge potential there,” Dan says.

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