How to Win More Local Part Sales with Local Delivery

When You Need to Get a Part to Your Service Lane Faster…

A customer is in your service lane with their car, and your guys need a part — they need it now. When you don’t have it in inventory, there needs to be a way that you can get that part to them fast. Local Delivery gives you the chance to swoop in and save your service department from the headache of an unhappy customer.

With Local Delivery, you can get the parts your service department needs from other local dealers. It gives you the availability to get parts delivered on-demand, allowing you to better serve your customers that come into your dealership. You just:

  1. Order the part you need from another dealer
  2. Schedule your order for pickup with Local Delivery
  3. An on-demand driver will pick up and deliver it to your service driver

Retain More Loyal Service Lane Customers & Boost Your Customer Service Levels

When Your Wholesale Customers Need a Part Fast…

Local Delivery also benefits the way your local wholesale customers buy OEM parts. They know the factory part is best, but they’ve never had a convenient process to order them as they have with the non-OEM suppliers. Now, when a local repair shop or used car dealer needs a part that you have in stock, they can easily get that part in as little as an hour. The ability to deliver parts on-demand strengthens the relationships you have with the customers in your own backyard and helps you sell more.


55 Minutes

After your local wholesale buyer places the order, all you have to do is:

  1. Schedule the part to be picked up
  2. A Local Delivery driver will come get it and deliver the part to your customer

Retain Loyal Wholesale Buyers And Regain Lost Sales From The Aftermarket Competition

When You Need to Deliver a Part Fast to ANY Local Customer…

Using Local Delivery, you can service any local retail or wholesale customer. By offering top-of-the-line service in your area, you’re giving them the stability they need to continue purchasing from you. It’s time to strengthen your grip on the market share!

It’s as simple as it gets:

  1. Your customer orders the part
  2. You schedule the part for delivery
  3. The hotshot driver picks up and delivers the part for you

RevolutionParts gives dealers the resources they need to compete with local businesses and aftermarket companies. With a cost-effective delivery solution like Local Delivery, you’ll be able to win more local parts sales and retain more loyal customers that will buy from you again and again.

Talk with one of our experts today to see Local Delivery in action!

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