Top 10 Things to Instill a Sales-Oriented Culture in Your Parts Department

Have you ever looked closely at the level of sales tactics your parts advisors use day-to-day? If you work the back parts counter, it boils down to preparing a repair estimate. The service advisor and technician do all the selling. The parts counterperson simply bills parts out on the correct line and hands parts across the counter. Very straightforward with little selling.

The retail or wholesale parts counter is a totally separate story. The back-counter person is more of an order taker, while the wholesale & retail counters are more order makers. An order taker is a type of sales person who only collects orders but does not try to find new customers, or to persuade existing customers to increase the size or frequency of their orders.

Meanwhile, an order maker is an individual who sells goods and services to other entities. The successfulness of a salesperson is usually measured by the amount of sales he or she makes during a given period and how good that person is in persuading individuals to make a purchase.

Now what happens when there is no separation of assigned areas? In other words, does everyone do everything? Or does wholesale have a dedicated person? Hopefully, it’s the latter.

Every department within the dealership is there to sell. The more they sell, they more they make.


But what things can we do as managers to further promote the sales-oriented culture?


#1 – Hold weekly meetings to review and communicate to your staff the monthly sales objective and what we need to do to exceed it. It takes a team.

#2 – Post Sales numbers for all to see. Update daily. If it’s important to you, it’s important to them. Communicate often. State your expectations. Inspect what you expect.

#3 – Train your staff! You can never perform too much training. Your efforts will reflect in the desired outcome. It’s also a great time to correct any observed shortcomings.

#4 – Incentivize your team. Review and update pay plans to mirror or align with sales objectives or forecasts.

#5 – Cold call new wholesale accounts. How else will the shops know you have an interest in their business?

#6 – Follow up on all unsold quotes within 60 minutes –this is especially true of non-stock or expensive item sitting on the shelf. You had it in stock. Why didn’t we sell it?

#7 – Visit wholesale accounts. Perform needs assessments to return a customized needs fulfillment offer.

#8 – Market seasonal or monthly specials – take a tip from the nation’s largest retailers. Everyone loves a sale.

#9 – Send out monthly newsletters to wholesale accounts. Communicate your capabilities and advantages over the competition. Helpful repair tips or where to find them are always welcome!

#10 – Having a 24/7 online parts store gives your customers the information they need when they need it. It’s an uncompensated sales portal and never closes. Customers can shop from their phone!

A sales-oriented culture inspires every member of your staff to move your inventory, and with RevolutionParts, we can make that process even easier through the world of eCommerce.

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