Sell More Parts Across Canada in 2022

The new year presents some new challenges. Your parts department is facing new obstacles on a daily basis, which means you need to take advantage of new resources and opportunities going into 2022. So how can you do that?

Here are three things that can help you get ready to sell more parts across Canada in 2022.

Sell Through a Dedicated Online Parts Store

To increase your parts sales, you need to have a strong online presence. Selling online can get your dealership’s parts and accessories in front of a larger audience base. So how can you sell online effectively and keep ahead of the competition? You can sell through a designated parts web store. 

Having your own parts web store gives you a slew of advantages. It gives you a stronger, established channel to sell through. It also helps you stay on top of the competition. With a standalone parts web store, you can help increase your chances of being seen by more customers. You can advertise and market a separate parts store more effectively and can direct your customers to the products they’re looking for instantly.

Benefits of a Standalone Web Store With RevolutionParts
  • Easy parts catalog integration
  • Authentic catalog data
  • Live data reporting
  • All-in-one, simple-to-use dashboard
  • Wholesale customer grouping
  • Convenient customer communications

Sell More Parts with a Dealer Site Plugin

If a standalone web store is too much for your parts department to migrate to, a website plugin can be just as effective. A site plugin for your parts department can help eliminate functionality issues with your existing parts site. 

The RevolutionParts dealer site plugin is designed to help streamline your parts department’s online presence. It’s simple to use and simple for your customers to navigate.

Benefits of a Standalone Dealer Site Plugin With RevolutionParts

  • Easy order fulfillment
  • Improved customer experience (say goodbye to the old parts form!)
  • Instant installation on your dealership’s website
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly customer experienc

Get Your Digital Marketing Right

Even with an easy-to-use parts website, your dealership still needs to invest in quality digital marketing. You won’t sell any parts or accessories if your customers don’t know where to find you. That’s where a marketing strategy comes into play. 

Today there are nearly 4.48 billion people actively using social media around the world. This is an increase of 13.13% every year from 3.69 billion in 2020. In 2015, there were only 2.07 billion users, which is nearly a 115.59% increase over six years.

Getting your marketing strategy right in the digital retail space can be a nightmare. With so many factors to consider, how can you make it easier for yourself to get your marketing strategy right?

A Good Social Media Strategy Includes

  • Strong & consistent messaging
  • Clear brand image
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Metrics to make informed decisions
  • Compelling & engaging ads

With the help of RevolutionParts, you can create a marketing strategy that reflects the needs of your parts department. We can help you put together an effective marketing strategy that can help you increase parts sales, reach a larger customer base, and improve your customer retention.

Dealers Signed With RevolutionParts Marketing
  • 8.75X ROAS
  • 111% increase in organic impressions
  • 85% increase in transactions
  • 52% increase in revenue

Make 2022 The Year To Skyrocket Parts Sales

The new year is full of opportunities for you to grow your parts business. If you’re a Canadian dealer looking to expand your parts and accessories sales and increase your parts department’s revenue, RevolutionParts is here to offer you real solutions. 


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