Take Control of Revenue Streams to Increase Part Sales

You hit a double home run when cars in your local market come through your dealership’s service drive. You sell the labor and the parts to go along with that repair at a respectable profit margin. Both combined are a huge moneymaker for the Fixed Ops department, especially in terms of overall expense absorption.

The hard truth is that dealers only see a small fraction of all the cars in operation within the local market. Car owners typically venture from the dealership after the 3rd year of ownership, which is the average year when major manufacturer warranties expire. If you’re a Service Manager, it’s the end of the road since labor can’t be sold to a car that never returns. As a Parts Manager, though, you have the opportunity to increase part sales from both customers who are buying parts online and those deferring to repair shops.

How to Increase Part Sales

Selling OEM parts to returning car owners should be the easy part. The challenge is connecting with buyers who don’t return to the dealership. The next revenue streams for the Parts Manager: retail and wholesale.

Cast a Wider Net with Retail Part Sales

Selling parts today is no longer about selling to your workshop or a few local wholesale accounts. Selling your parts across eCommerce channels can bring a host of options for the parts department to drive revenue for the dealership. No longer constrained by the local market, you can sell and drive volume sales using a website and online marketplaces.

Revenue Streams for the Parts Department

To maximize your revenue opportunity with these channels, the best thing you can do is invest in an eCommerce platform partner. Dealers that use RevolutionParts have access to their very own parts website, as well as an all-encompassing dashboard that allows them to manage listings and orders on their website and other online marketplaces. With a complete parts-selling solution, our dealerships average $34K a month in revenue.

Maximizing Your Wholesale Auto Part Sales

Competitive and time-consuming, wholesale involves dedicated specialists and account managers to dictate aggressive pricing when it comes to collision repair. Getting those parts delivered in an acceptable time frame is always an additional challenge. But if you just offer your wholesale buyers the customer service they’re looking for, pricing becomes the least of their concerns.

Your wholesale customers want an easy, streamlined way to order parts from you and get them fast. If you invest in a dealer website plugin or a parts website, you’re adapting to the experience they’re already used to from your aftermarket competition. Now, you’re giving them a modern buying experience, and offering them decent pricing locks them in as a loyal customer. 

As a bonus, if you offer them a hotshot service like RevolutionParts Local Delivery, you’ll be able to deliver them the parts they need in less than an hour. Imagine what the relationship of a premier solution providing a website and delivery service can do for your wholesale auto parts sales.

We’re here to help you! Start increasing your part sales in just 6 months with RevolutionParts. Call us today to schedule a demo or explore our dealer resources to see how eCommerce can help your parts department.

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